ThinkCave Media is the main company of a starting digital blog magazine - 9MM Blogzine and a starting podcast show - 9MM The Podcast.

ThinkCave Media is dedicated to be one of the best known digital and social media source of information in the Philippines and the whole world.

Through its 9MM Blogzine, 9MM The Podcast and social media posts, ThinkCave Media will provide new ideas, strategize and make the online world a safer and intelligent for its users for the betterment of the human race.

To make Filipinos go the next step further and not be in the norm. For the Philippines to be one of the first world countries in the world.

Founded, owned and managed by Gelo Apurillo, a former Team Lead in a leading Business Process Outsourcing company. He decided to make and maintain the newly created online business and be his own boss and help the Filipino people.

9MM Blogzine is a personal blog (as of this writing) that shares and provides . If you like what you read here, please like its Instagram and Facebook Fanpage.

9MM Girls - Pretty and sexy female actresses, model and social media stars that the author thought were gorgeous and need to be shared to the world. Usually, Filipinas but every now and then an international star is featured.

In Memoriam - Articles about deceased men and women that helped mold the image and character of the author. A tribute page to those who shared their legacy.

Tributes - Paying homage to music, movies and living persons that influenced the author of this blog. Later on, when they pass away, they will be transferred to the In Memoriam pages.

Stuffs - Anything goes. Whatever my mind wants to write, its posted here.

The Author
Angel / Gelo Apurillo aka Stone-Cold Angel
(his monicker over the internet) is the Founder and Content Creator of 9MM Blogzine, Streetsmart Guides and owner of ThinkCave Media. A dad, blogger, Sketchist, and a Photohobbyist . You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

For comments on the articles I write, you can leave it on the comments section.

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Social Medias
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