9MM Girls Throwback

2021 Local Celebrity Edition

As a one-man employee of ThinkCave Media... I was unable to feature some of  the girls that I  wanted to feature in 9MM Blogzine. I had no time to do it especially that I have work and chores that needs to be done everyday. But now, since I have some time to spare, why not feature them in this article.  Some are already have their own families but some might be separated from their SO. Let's reminisce their glorious days when internet was a privilege compared to as a necessity nowadays. Here they are in random order.
Angelica Panganiban
Her angelic face, flawless skin and nice body earned her to be included as one of our 9MM Celebrity. Although her sexy calendar was exposed to the public without the photo edit, we still love her.

Cindy Kurleto
The local representation of Liv Tyler.  Although I admit that Cindy is more prettier and hotter than Liv, her beauty is mesmerizing and very satisfying. just look and watch her TVC about a vitamin product.

Asia Agcaoili
She has been out from Philippine show business for more than a decade now since she moved to The Netherlands. And it is so fulfilling to reminisce her hotness and intellect when it comes to sex. A sex columnist in a defunct men's magazine where us men learned a lot.

Jacq  Yu
I was introduced to Jacq from a standee in a hardware store. I thought to myself she's hot! And as time goes, I've seen her in numerous TV shows like the Amazing Race Asia and Mo Twister's podcast. And nothing's changed. She's even hotter than before.

Kaye Abad
She graced the covers of some men's magazine but did not do any sexy roles in a movie. The ex-girlfriend of Chito Miranda has more than meets the eye. Pretty face, morena complexion and a body to lust for. We're just not sure where she is right now.

Rica Peralejo
The Ang TV alumnus jumped to the sexy roles when it was rampant in the 90's. She was so hot and sexy plus her awesome face was her assets aside from her acting prowess. I enjoyed watching he in the movie Hibla where she was taught to kiss by Maui Taylor.

Rashel Piazza
She was featured as a cover girl in a men's magazine and after that, I didn't heard from her. Until I found her social media. She got married and got kids already. But way back, she was one of the hottest and gorgeous models of the country.

Maureene  Larrazabal
Combine hotness and sense of humor and you got Maureen. She was used to be a regular in the longest gag show on TV, Bubble Gang. But now she's active in social media like Tiktok and Instagram. She's still hot and funny.

Bianca Manalo
She was a beauty queen before she graced the cover of a men's magazine. She got the qualities of being a beauty queen... beautiful face, sexy body and an appeal that really make men drool. And until now, she still has it. It seems that she never gets old.

Andrea Del Rosario
One of the original Viva Hot Babes and one of my pesonal favorites. She was amazing in her launching movie Lupe. Andrea got us hooked on her appeal and hotness. She also got this morena complexion that adds points to her already hotness.

Jennifer Lee
Another Viva Hot Babe but she was well known as a model before she became an actress. And now she's a DJ. You will be dancing and strutting your stuff when this hot chick drops the beat.

Aiza Marquez
She got famous in a soda commercial and entered showbiz as a teeny bopper actress. When she matured, she graced the pages of a leading men's magazine in the world as a cover girl. Now she got her own family and living outside of the country.

Looking back at these girls is like reminiscing our generation's turning point for us to become men. 9MM Blogzine is always open for you. You all deserve this page and our 9MM Salute.


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