Mary De Vera

Queen's Gambit

Chess is really a mind sport. It makes your brain work and strategize your next move or moves to conquer the other kingdom. Our 9MM Blogzine #GirlOfTheMonth is fond of playing billiards and chess and I know that she's the queen.

Mary De Vera

Mary, 24 (at the time of writing), is currently residing in Angeles, Pampanga and works as an online casino dealer. She also loves playing chess and billiards as her pastime.

Wow! Chess... I would love to play chess with you.
"Hahaha sure."

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Thanks you so much for this awesome opportunity, Mary! It has been an honor and pleasure to feature you in 9MM Blogzine as our #GirlOfTheMonth. This page is for you and our 9MM Salute!

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