Empire Records

Movie Tribute

Music has already come a long way. So that we can enjoy it, it has to be delivered to us in any form. LP, vinyl, cassette tapes and now thru digital formats. But still, records are still the ultimate form to deliver music and entertainment to people. This is why I love this movie.

Empire Records

Starring Liv Tyler, Robin Tunney and Renee Zellweger among others and directed by Allan Moyle under Regency. Although it was not a hit movie, it became a cult hit among people including me.

I always admired this movie because I was an album collector and enthusiast. I always buy cassette tapes of my favorite bands and artists. And I pity this generation that they did not experience the hustle of having an album.

Aside from Liv and Renee, which I admire, the other characters had participated to make the movie a success. My favorite part of the movie is the concert in the rooftop.

To the generation of this era, learn the past on how we hustled and make way to your music experience. A 9MM Salute to this movie which I admire so much.


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