David Bowie

In Memoriam

I'm not really a fan of David Bowie. But he is one of the rock icons that I wanted to hear.

There are billions of songs that needs to be listened to out there and it didn't cross my mind to listen to David Bowie. I'm a loser. I know.

I only listened to his song when Kurt Cobain and Nirvana played the "The Man Who Sold The World" in their acoustic performance in MTV Unplugged. They played it nicely that I played it also using my guitar.

So if Nirvana played a David Bowie song, they know him when it comes to songs and talent. Does that make me a David Bowie fan?

Anyway, this article should be a tribute to David Bowie but since I know little about him, a simple 9MM Salute is given to him for his contributions to music and maybe films. I wish I knew you earlier, David Bowie.


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