9MM Blogzine Celebrities 2021

We have been drooling about these celebrities for a very long time. But of course, we cannot feature them all at once. We have a business to run and we cannot ask them to help us because we cannot afford them. But still, we will feature them here. Here is #9MMBlogzineCOTM Batch 2021 in no particular order...

Andrea Brillantes
I was waiting for this girl to become a lady. And now that she is... there is no doubting that we will include her here. With such a pretty face and aura, what would men could ask for. But I also LIKE her elder SISTER though.

Maris Racal
This petite lady is really has a pleasant face. Her natural beauty and talent makes her an ultimate GF material. I cannot refuse if somebody like her would come up to me.

Christine Samson
I came across her as GENIE-NGA in a noontime show. And she was really a divine lady. Her hotness is non compared to diwata and other goddess of beauty. Awesome girl!

Sachzna Laparan
Sexy Loves is definitely would be included in this list. I already knew her way back before she became famous. She has an angelic face and petite body that's oozing with appeal. Who wouldn't want that?!?

Donnalyn Bartolome
The internet darling sensation. She's can mesmerize any men with her beauty and her hotness. With her TWINKLE, she would be a wife material that all men can fantasize. Those men that dumped her... shame on you!

Jackie Gonzaga
Her dance moves are very nice. But what I like with Jackie is her pretty face and her nice body. At first I disliked her because of the cheesy gimmick with the host, but the more exposure she gets, she slowly becomes more prettier and hot!

Ella Cruz
Small but terrible. This girl would knock you out with her gyrating dance moves as well as mesmerize you with her beauty. I was able to watch her as a child star and I was immediately awed that she be become a hot lady. And she did fine.

Rere Madrid
I immediately been mesmerized by Rere's awesome beauty. Although I don't know what her shows and her works are. By her simple photos, I already know that Rere's beauty is one in a million.

Sammie Rimando
Whoa! This girl is really hot! With that nice pretty face and hot figure, why did someone dumped her with one of our 9MM Girl?!? Anyway, We cannot deny her hotness but if I am going to be asked between them... I don't know because it's so difficult to choose.

Riva Quenery
Underrated. But still she is my CRUSH! Riva is still the ultimate artist. She's just bound to some commitments with some managements and beliefs, but I know she can do better without it. With that looks and talent... she can go places way beyond. Believe me.

Loisa Andalio
A pretty face with a nice attitude, This is what most male look into  a woman. Walang keme... that's most likely why she was loved by her BF.

Kim Chiu
The chinita princess always mesmerize me with her jokes and he wit aside form being charming. This petite Cebuana displays a good person and hotness that you can't deny. It's like you're in front of an Asian girl that's to innocent not to do something wrong.


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