Dai Junelle Revilla

Student Crush

Finishing education is the best thing that our parents have given to us and back to them. This makes them proud and lessen their fear of us making out there in real life.

Our 9MM Blogzine's #MajorCrush is a student and looking forward to see her wearing her black toga and march to that stage... "Ma! Pa! This is for you!"

Dai Junelle Revilla 

Dai, 20 (at the time of writing) is from Manila and taking up Tourism Management.

Read the full exclusive interview about Dai Junelle Revilla by purchasing the 9MM eMagazine February 2021 issue here.

Thank you so much for awesome opportunity, Dai! It has been an honor to feature you as one of 9MM Blogzine's #MajorCrush. This page is for you and our 9MM Salute!

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