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Creating and designing fashion out of nothing is a hard thing to do. Unless you are creative and talented to do it. Just like our 9MM Blogzine #MajorCrush. She does Do-It-Yourself fashion designing.

Say Fifi

Say, 30 (at the time of writing), is from the Queen City of the South, Cebu and works in a real estate industry. She loves to sketch, binge watch serial killer or crime documentaries. She also do arts and crafts.

"Is it weird to watch those crime documentaries and serial killer series?"

Wow! No its not weird. I also watch serial killers and crime documentaries. What's your vital statistics?
"Yay! Great! I'm 34-28-33."

Nice! Are you in a relationship right now?
"No, I'm not. Still waiting for a comeback. Charot!"

Comeback?!? Still hoping for that ex huh? hahaha!
"Hahahaha! Maybe yes, maybe no."

ahahaha! What tweet/comment offended you about your photos?
"The other night, someone informed me that my photos were posted on an account named "hotmomspinas". I asked them politely to take it down since they did not ask for my permission, and I honestly don't want my photos there. Then, he's starting to send me nasty messages, so.. Poof! I blocked him. And there's this guy who happens to be a friend, well we're not very close, he messaged me way way back. Advised me that I should stop posting or wearing sexy clothes. I should stop daw so I could get myself a boyfriend. Like wtf?? Hahaha!"

Ahahaha! I just asked for a tweet or comment that offended. Anyway let's go to the next question. Who is your biggest girl crush?
"Hahahaa! Biggest girl crush: Ruby Rose. Margot Robbie and Eiza Gonzales."

Nice crushes! In any decision making situation, do you rather follow your heart or your mind?
"Hmm.. I once followed my heart and it didn't work out well. So, this time.. I'd follow my mind."

Good! What have you learned from life that makes you who you are today?
"Always stay on the positive side of life."

Love it! What is SEXY for you?
"Sexy does not only limit to having a coca cola body, big boobs, or big butt. It's a state of mind."

NICE! What part of your body do you think is the sexiest?
"Lips/mouth. Haha! Cause I don't lie."

Yeah we agree. We also think your BUMPERS, ARMPITS and LEGS are also so sexy. Next, What's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"Aside from drunk texting? Hmm.. Had sex in the car, woke up the next day still unclothed, still inside the car, and there were passersby."

ahahaha! That's epic! Next, When was the last time you went to a public place without panties?
"Last weekend."

Wow! What's your outfit that day? Dress? Shorts?
"Shorts and a shirt."

Fresh feeling, yah? Besides making love, showering, or swimming, what's something else you tried doing naked?
"Hahahaha. You know what. Hahaha! I can't think of anything other than self-gratification."

ahahaha! Me... when sleeping.
"Oh.. Hahahaha. I stopped being naked when sleeping when we had an earthquake in Cebu."

ah ok. I understand and I can picture you outside naked while having an earthquake. hahaha! When was the last time you watched porn?
"Hahahahhaa. Yesterday."

Wow! What genre is your favorite?
"Hmm.. Hardcore? Hahahaha. Passionately rough."

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
"I was 18."

Legal age. In your opinion, what do men do wrong when having sex?
"They think moaning isn't manly."

ahahaha! That's unique. Usually I get the answer men cums first and leaves her lady hanging. What is your idea of a foreplay?
"Well, when men cums first is really frustrating. Haha! But I can do it solo, so no worries about that. Foreplay is the master's key. When you don't have the key, you can't enter. Hahahaha!"

hahahaha! I have a duplicate key hahaha! When was the last time you pleasured yourself?
"Hahaha. Yesterday!"

Do you use dildo or vibrator or you just use your fingers?
"Fingers only."

I see. How many sex have you had? Including girls?
"Hmm.. A few."

Fair enough. Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal?
"Yes. Ghad. Countless times."

I am not surprised. How much was the highest offer and what is the deal?
"There's no offer made. Cause as soon as I sensed something, I block them."

ah okay. Last... name three local male celebrities who you have sexual fantasies with.
"That's a hard one. Local celebs. Derrick Monasterio, Marco Gumabao and Rayver Cruz. Haha!"

Thanks you so much for this great opportunity, Say! It has been an honor and pleasure to feature you in 9MM Blogzine as one of our #MajorCrush. This page is for you and our 9MM Salute!

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