Jessy George

Beach Babe

Whenever we get the chance to go to the beach to either unwind or relieve stress, we always grab our packs and fly. Just like our 9MM Blogzine #Hottie, she always make sure that her rest days are spent on the beach.

Jessy George

Jessy, 28 (at the time of writing) is a Retail Sales Associate and a part time model. She is working in Grand Cayman Islands and she reads tarot cards, painting, cooking and making poems.

"Sunday is just my rest day so I make sure that Sunday is my seas day. That’s my current addiction right now so it’s like my therapy."

Are you in a relationship right now?

Wow! I'm surprised! Career muna ba?
"Well at some point career muna. Work muna. I can’t be in love right now, nauubos pera ko."

ahahaha! Ganun ba. What would a guy do to impress you?
"I need a guy that has dreams also an open-minded one. It gives me a red flag when the guy is control freak and self-centered."

Kita utak ganern? hahaha!
"Pwede hahahahaha charot!"

Well I agree. How long have you been single?
"Well technically since 2017. But I’ve dated guys naman, exclusively dating, it ended recently."

Ah okay. How many times have you been in love?
"I am always in love. Everyday, I believe love is the reason why people is still alive. Haha! But romantically? More than you can count yata. I am easily get swayed back then. Buti na lang hindi na ngayon. Marupok kasi ako dati hahaha!"

ahahaha! Nice! In any decision making situation, do you rather follow your heart or your mind?
"Parang feeling ko pang Miss Universe ako sumagot HAHAHAHAHA pero genuine sagot ko na yan haha! Hmmm that’s a tough one. It depends on the situation."

We believe you. And we don't take it as showbiz answers.
"I am kinda empathetic, so I always make decisions with my heart. But lately, since this pandemic happened, I had a realization, I am trying to weigh things now and make decisions using my heart and mind."

Love it! What tweet/comment offended you about your photos?
"Hahahaha! A lot. I want to believe that I’m not sensitive but then sometimes people harsh words gets a toll on me."

What's the meanest tweet or comment you read? Do you still remember verbatim?
"Hahahahhaa well recently, it’s mababaw lang but I got hurt by it. I posted a video telling everyone to be safe, saying motivational stuff then a guy commented “ang dami mong arte leche ka!”

ahahaha! LECHE is MILK translated from spanish.
"For me that’s the meanest. I am actually grieving right now but still decided to send positivism and kind words to everyone and that’s what I got."

Why are you grieving? Diss those mean comments and block them.
"Kasi I don’t care naman sa ibang comments e. Hahahahaha! As in negative comments I ignore it. No bearing at all, unless it’s my parents ang mag co-comment."

It's rude to be someone in your house just to say na "ang arte mo leche ka"
"Yeah. Same feeling. It’s like you entered my house and instead of knocking you barged into it and destroy what is inside. That’s what I felt, but I’m good now."

Moving on... What is something no one knows about you? Skill or talent.
"That I can really cook. Hahahaha! I don’t cook food everyday but when I do it means you are special. And also painting, I do painting lang kapag I want to express my feelings."

What food do you want me to taste if we get the chance to meet?
"Binagoongan hahahaha! Or cheesy beef caldereta."

Wow! My favorites. Make the caldereta a little bit spicy.

What have you learned from life that makes you who you are today?
"That you have to forgive yourself and find forgiveness in your heart for other people too. Life is cruel. But you just have to accept all the decisions you made, may it be good or bad, accept it and forgive yourself."

Love it! What is SEXY for you?
"Sexy for me is not about just the physical appearance of a person. It’s the intellectual being. How people carry themselves mentally and emotionally positively is what sexy means for me."

What's your vital statistics?

Nice! What part of your body do you think is the sexiest?
"Face. My lips. Body-boobs hahahaha!"

We agree! We also think that your EYES are so sexy! and LEGS too.
"Aww thank you!"

You're welcome! What's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"HAHAHAHAHA! Running like a mad woman and shouting “Para sa kapayapaan!!” While raising my 7 inch high heels. Hahahahahahaahhaa! If naughty naman, giving bj while my guy was driving and ended up being stopped by at a police checkpoint "

That's epic! When was the last time you went to a public place without panties?
"Oh on a public place without undies? I wear undies naman all the time. Only bra I don’t."

Okay! Next - Who'd you share your first kiss with?
"My second boyfriend. I was in second year high school hahahaha! It was nice but weird at the same time. It was a dare so our friends were watching, also. From that time I thought of marrying him na after that kiss."

Since friends are watching, was it torrid or no tongue involved?
"Torrid. But I don’t know how to do it pa nun, first time yun e. So they were laughing at me haha!"

Besides making love, showering, or swimming, what's something else you tried doing naked?
"Painting hahahaha. Cleaning my room."

Ay talaga? Painting. Do you paint yourself naked?
"I’m naked most of the time naman sa house hahahaha! No. I mean when I’m painting stuff I don’t wear anything."

Ah ok. When was the last time you watched porn?
"I rarely watch porn. I, myself is a porn star already."

Wow! That's noted. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

In your opinion, what do men do wrong when having sex?
"Hmmm. What do men do wrong? I guess it depends on the sex situation e. But probably what they do wrong is not knowing what girls really want when they’re doing it, mahirap din kasi tantsahin yung mood ng girls e. I mean, hindi masarap yung first ko. Very quick and he ghosted me after that. Wtf haha! They’re not keeping up with me. They get too excited."

Ah okay. They cum first before you?
"Yeah. And ended up using their mofo fingers. Like seriously?!"

When was the last time you had sex and how was it? Rate it 10 being the highest.
"4 months ago. 6 is the rate for the last one."

Size or performance?
"Both. Hahahahaha!"

Filipinos or Foreigners?
"I do not mind naman, any nationalities will do as long as he’s a good person. And also good at sex. I don’t like boring sex life."

What is your idea of a foreplay?
"Hmmm. I actually let the guy do his thing on me. If he wants to lick it, suck it, I do not mind, all he have to do is to make me turn on. Foreplay should make someone turn on isn’t it? So the guy should make his moves, but he should kiss me on the neck first before going down."

Yeah we agree. I let my partner cum first with the foreplay before I do the deed. Top 3 favorite sex positions of you?
"Spoon! Flatiron/Dogstyle, Cowgirl."

Next... Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal?
"Before, yes. They offered me a lot of things."

Why am I not surprised? How much was the highest offer and what is the deal?
"500k for a night. And a million to stop modeling and be his partner. So that was the highest."

Wow! You are worth 1M to be a girlfriend. Is that guy married? But of course you declined it, right?
"I declined it. The guy is married."

GOOD GIRL! Don't ever fall into this traps, okay?
"Yes. I won’t. I make my own money naman. I don’t like relying or depending to anyone not unless I needed help, I’m going to run and ask help sa father ko or uncle’s hahaha!"

Last question... name 3 local male celebs who you have sexual fantasies with.
"Ohhh. That’s tough! I’m not a fan of celebrities kasi Hahahaha! Hmmm.. Coco Martin, JM De Guzman and  Joseph Marco."

Thanks you so much for this awesome opportunity, Jessy! It has been an honor and pleasure to feature you in 9MM Blogzine as one of our #Hottie. This page is for you and our 9MM Salute!

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