I Am Sam

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What if your child is a genius, how would you teach him/her lessons in school? This is the case of the movie we will pay #Tribute to. Let's read on...

I Am Sam

Starring Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dakota Fanning among others. Co written and directed by Jessie Nelson. It was released in 2001 under New Line Cinema. Dakota Fanning as Best Young Performer on several award giving bodies.

The story revolved of a single father (Penn) who has intellectual disability who is fighting for his right for the custody of his daughter (Fanning). Although having the disability, he tries his best to take care of his daughter asking help from a lawyer (Pfeiffer) who was dealing an opposite scenario of the plot.

This movie is one of the best movie I admired. Sean Penn achieved the best acting on this movie so far. Dakota Fanning also did well winning several awards. Michelle Pfeiffer, who is Catwoman for me, provided support for the movie to be better.

Best scenes for me are the friends of Penn who shares at least the same disability when they were buying shoes for Fanning. Also when the child was escaping her foster home just to sleep with his father. The best is their trivia about The Beatles.

So to the cast and crew of I Am Sam, you all did a good job. This page is for the movie and our 9MM Salute!


I Am Sam I Am Sam Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 9:00 AM Rating: 5

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