April Boy Regino

 Jukebox King Tribute

Jukebox was the device to play songs by inserting a coin to play a song for someone you like slash LOVE. It evolved to Karaoke and then to Videoke. Filipinos LOVE videoke. And with our #InMemoriam for 9MM Blogzine, here he is...

April Boy Regino
1961 - 2020

Dennis Regino Magloyuan Magdaraog, is a singer-songwriter and musician popularly known as the Jukebox King or karaoke/videoke king-worthy. He specializes in ballads and had numerous songs used in teleseryes like Esperanza among others. He was also one third of the famous April Boys together with his brothers Vingo and Jimmy before having a solo career. He died on November 20 2020 because of chronic kidney disease aside from other diseases diagnosed upon him like prostate cancer and diabetic retinopathy.

When I was still a rock and roll follower, I despised his kind of music. We don't like those pop and easily made music that masses would follow and listen. We, including myself, hated their music.

But as we grow, including me, I began to like his songs. Even though, it was like digesting the song unwillingly. it cuts deeper and began to be a song to live by. We can't deny it no more. And after time, we already are a fan of April Boy's music.

April Boy Regino is an ICON for me if not all. It's like he is the Air Supply of the Philippines. And I am so proud to say that I had at least listened to his songs. To April Boy Regino, this page is yours and our 9MM Salute!


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