9MM Girls International 2020

 9MM Girls International

Last time we had a #9MMGirlInternational is when we featured Wing Kwok. Over the years, we should have a 9MM Girl International monthly but because of other priorities, we haven't done it. In this article, we will be featuring international girls that we want to feature for a long time. So here they are.

January - Selena Gomez
We have known Selena Gomez as the then girlfriend of Justin Bieber. After that we learned that she is also a singer and actress. She is often seen in Berber's memes both photos and videos. But we can say that Selena is deserving as one of our 9MM Girl. She is truly hot and her face is angelic. Her character is also great and she is talented indeed. 

February - Anne Hathaway
We always LOVE pretty eyes and luscious lips, and Anne Hathaway has it both. And to add, she has one of the nicest ass and we saw it in the movie The Dark Knight Returns when she rode the Bat-Motorcycle. Anne is also talented in acting and impersonations when she did impersonate Miley Cyrus on the Lip Sync Battle. Truly our choice to be a 9MM Girl.

March - Paris Hilton
We always love pretty faces. Just like model and actress Paris Hilton. I first known her in her sex video and since then we didn't take our eyes off of her. We know she is really rich and she doesn't need the attention because she is already Paris Hilton. With her slim figure, we cannot deny her hotness and beauty. We are honored to feature Paris Hilton here.

April - Rihanna
Singer and actress, Rihanna is a powerful woman. Strutting her sexiness and vocal prowess on stage and off cam is really hot! With a pretty face and hot body like that, no wonder Drake has fallen for her.

May - Kendall Jenner
Of all the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner stands out among them. She is petite but sexy unlike her sisters. Her face is to die for and her smoldering eyes make men melt. Her model like body landed her as one of the most coveted model in the world.

June - Fergie
The lady from the pop group Black Eyed Peas, Fergie has that fierce look and the body to match it. We always watch their "My Humps" and "Big Girls Don't Cry". The Dutchess has the talent and the appeal to boost her sexiness to us men.

July - Wing Kwok

August - Gal Gadot
Before Gal became Wonder Woman, I already noticed her in the movie the Fast and Furious franchise. She has this picturesque face and slim but awesome body. No wonder she was crowned as Miss Israeli in 2004 and served as an instructor in the Israeli Defense Forces. If I'm going to be a POW, I would love to be smacked down and captured by Gal Gadot.

September - Ronda Rousey
The Olympic Gold medalist in judo and the UFC's Featherweight and Bantamweight women's champion. Ronda is like the epitome of the amazon warrior. She has the looks and a voluptuous body to die for. And she also has the fighting skills to be a killing machine. Overall, Ronda Rousey is one hell of a woman.

October - Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke came to be famous with the HBO hit TV series Game of Thrones. She had shown her full awesomeness and glory in season one aside from being the mother of dragons. Off camera she is so sweet and down to earth. Emilia also possess a nice smile that makes her eyes disappear.

November - Jennifer Lawrence
I first loved Jennifer Lawrence when I saw her as Mystique on the film X-Men First Class. She has the height, the long legs, the sexy body and a beautiful face. Basically, you already have a full package in Jennifer Lawrence.

December - Ariana Grande
With her exceptional talent, Ariana displays a strong presence for men. A signature high pony-tail hair and slim body with a gorgeous face, Ariana is definitely one of the hottest in the music industry. I would still love to listen to her songs like "Thank U, Next!" and "Bang Bang" over and over again.


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