Sean Connery

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This 2020 is not really going better until it's last stretch. At the start, there were deaths and natural disasters. And we were crippled by the pandemic virus. And now, deaths everywhere. Let us pay homage to one of the greatest actors that lived...

Sean Connery
1930 - 2020

A Scottish actor popularly known as the first actor who played James Bond in the movies. He played in several movies and television shows through out his career. He died in his sleep on October 31 2020.

Yeah! I first knew about Sean Connery when he made the Bond films. Although I am not a fan of the movie, it was nice to watch the movie when I was still a kid.

What captured me with his acting skills is when he played as Jimmy Malone in "The Untouchables" which he won as Best Supporting actor. He did brilliant as well as Allan Quartermain in the film "League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

I loved his accent and because of that, it is the standard of the British accent we knew and learned. His acting skills is still unequaled and his charm is awesome.

You will be remembered Sir Sean Connery. Your contributions to the world will be remembered and honored. This page is yours and our 9MM Salute! Rest In Peace.


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