Janine Yangco

Productive Result Obsession

I would love to have this skill. As long as there is a positive result with being productive, I would do it. Same as our 9MM Blogzine #MajorCrush, she is already living it. Let's know more.

Janine Yangco

Janine, 22 (at the time of writing) from Quezon City is a business woman who enjoys modelling, singing and anything she could waste my time on with productive results.

Lovely! What's your business if you don't mind us asking?
"Travel and tours. It's a new one, previously I had a milk tea business. Book with me once lock down is over. Hahahahah!"

Wow! That's interesting and yeah we will book with you soon! Are you in a relationship right now?
"I'm single."

Since you are single, What would a guy do to impress you?
"Be himself?!? hahaha!"

Being himself. That's a broad description. Tell us about physical and character that you like in men.
"I overlook looks."

Okay. Fair enough! What is something no one knows about you?
"hmmm.. I don't know. hahaha! Like I only have a few friends."

Its like a hidden talent or skill that only you know.... for now.
"I did nude art photography hahahah! coming from a conservative family, that's a lot."

Wow! That's cool! Hope we can see those photos.
"Hahahaha! I'm not sure."

Next, How many times have you been in love?
"Twice. And all went to the trash! Hahahaha! I consider myself unlucky in love."

Ah okay. Do you rather follow your heart or your mind?
"Mind over matter, always."

Lovely! What's the most rebellious thing you did as a teen?
"I went out of the house and lived independently."

Awesome! You're independent up until right now, right?
"Nope, I live with my family since the lock down started. But before that, yeah!"

What have you learned from life that makes you who you are today?
"It is highly important to gauge your passion as your compass and not let anyone tell you otherwise. You are enough, and no amount of failures and disappointments can change that. Holding on to people who are not meant for you will definitely hurt you."

Awesome! What is SEXY for you?
"Intelligence and dominance."

What part of your body do you think is the sexiest?
"My lips?"

Hmmm. Yeah we agree. But we also think your EYES and long LEGS are so sexy.
"Hahahahah long legs? I'm short. But thank you!"

You're welcome! Do you have any Chinese blood in you?
"Yeah my dad is Chinese."

What's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"I got drunk, I kissed a stranger and had myself tattooed. Tapos I woke up not remembering anything. I was in the bus tapos, hahahaha! wala akong pamasahe. shet! hahahaha! I didn't know how I wandered off to a different city."

That's SO COOL! I wish I got drunk like that.
"That was after the big break up. hahahaha! So hopefully, never again."

Next, Who'd you share your first kiss with?
"My best friend. hahaha!"

Ahahaha! How old were you then?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Good! In your opinion, what do men do wrong when having sex?
"Not giving much affection sex."

Yeah! I don't like it either. The sex that you just want to get over with. Ugh! Besides making love, showering, or swimming, what's something else you tried doing naked?
"Taking pictures."

Ah okay. Nude photography and you being the subject. Nice! Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal?

Wow! How much was the highest offer and what is the deal?
"25 thousand pesos. I declined it."

Whoa! Of course you should. And what's the deal for that 25K? One night sex?

Ah ok. Last question. Name three local male celebrities you have sexual fantasies with.
"Hmmm... James Reid, Alden Richards, and Daniel Padilla."

Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity, Janine! We are honored and pleased to feature you as one of our #MajorCrush here in 9MM Blogzine. This page is yours and our 9MM Salute!


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