Hanna Kahmeel

Fil-Iranian Fitness Hottie

Our 9MM Blogzine #Hottie had already migrated in Iran. But her heart belongs to the Philippines. She used to be an event model since 2015 before migrating.

Hanna Kahmeel

Kahmeel, 23 (at the time of writing) is a Filipina living in Iran. She is a part owner of a fitness center there. She loves to read books and watching movies.

Ah okay. You migrated to Iran. How is it like there in Iran?
"Living in Iran is 100% the opposite of the lifestyle in Philippines, or siguro para lang sa akin ganun. Pareho lang pros and cons. Don't get me wrong though, Iran is a beautiful country but my heart belongs to Philippines."

Yeah! I understand. So kayod din talaga diyan sa Iran, right?
"Yup lalo na ngayon kasi tumaas yun dollars."

Next question... What's your vital statistics?
"My wild guess is 34-25-37. Last time na nag sukat ako before I got pregnant pa so hndi ko alam yun ngayon."

So you're already a MOM? Di halata ah. How many kids do you have?
"Hehe thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment. Isa pa lang, 2 year old baby boy."

But your vitals are still at par with the ladies your age. How's the experience of being a mother?
"Life changing. Mahirap siya in a good way pero worth it naman. But of course, I miss having my ME time. Nag start pa lang yun araw ko pag tulog na siya sa gabi. Kaya lagi din ako puyat."

Those are the sacrifices we LOVE to do being parents. What is something no one knows about you?
"hmmm, its not a secret but only a few people knows this. nagiging patola ako. If someone hurt my friends and family, whether its physically or verbally, ako yun nakikipag away or nag tatanggol sa kanila kahit sinabi nila na wag na patulan haha!"

Haha! So you're the protector type of a girl. Next, How many times have you been in love?

So your partner is the second, right?
"Yes, the first one is my high school sweetheart."

How long have you been together with your partner?
"Five years."

Nice! What tweet/comment offended you about your photos?
"I got really pissed when someone commented on my photo na I looked like a trans. But I realized na I shouldn’t get offended kasi transwomen are so damn gorgeous, sexy and makinis! So iniisip ko na lang din na sobrang ganda ko siguro kaya nila nasabi yun. hahaha!"

Next, In any decision making situation, do you rather follow your heart or your mind?
"Depende sa sitwasyon. Pero kung about sa love life, I rather follow my heart."

Fair enough. What have you learned from life that makes you who you are today?
"I learned na kung ano yun ginagawa or choices mo sa present mo ngayon, it will always affect your future. So you have to be wiser and mature lalo na sa decision making."

Tama! What is SEXY for you?
"Intelligence and good hygiene is sexy for me. For me personality is everything. You can be beautiful/handsome & rich but if your personality is not the same as your physical appearance, its a big no no for me."

Next... What part of your body do you think is the sexiest?
"My eyes and eyebrows haha!"

Yeah! We agree with your EYES and BROWS but we also think that your LIPS are so damn sexy. Aside from the obvious sexy body.
"haha thank you po!"

You're welcome. Next... What's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"Craziest thing I did siguro ay yun natulog ako sa parking lot ng The Palace. It's not even 1AM yet that time. Open parking lot, sa may tapat lang sya ng Pool Club na The Island na ngayon. haha!"

Hahaha! Next, When was the last time you went to a public place without panties?
"Hmmmm, I think four years ago? Hindi ko na matandaan haha! Hindi din kasi ako comfortable na lumabas ng walang suot na panty. Walang suot na bra pwede pa. hahaha!"

Next, Who'd you share your first kiss with? Name and your age then.
"His name is Kelly. Crush ko siya during my sophomore year in high school. My fist kiss sucks tho."

Next, When was the last time you watched porn?
"Last week. haha!"

hahaha! What genre do you love to watch in porn?
"I like lesbian haha! But if I'm watching with my husband, no choice ako kasi gusto niya yun mga role play."

Fair enough. In your opinion, what do men do wrong when having sex?
"Not performing foreplay."

Do tell. What is your idea of a foreplay?
"Start from kissing then second base until both of you become aroused."

And then? Do you like cunnilingus?
"haha yes, that's my weakness. haha!"

The next question is... Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal?
"Yup, madaming beses na pero through social media lang. Like every time na nag popost ako ng picture ko, maya maya may mga ganung message na. hahaha!"

That's obvious. Ang GANDA at SEXY mo eh. How much was the highest offer and what is the deal?
"I can't answer that kasi never ako nag reply sa kanila so hindi ko alam haha! Pero one time, one foreigner asked me kung magkano daw ba para one night na kasama ako. I said 5 million dollars in cash hahaha! Sorry. 10 million pala sabi ko."

Last na... name three Filipino male celebrities na you have sexual fantasies with.
"Jericho Rosales, Tommy Esguerra and Michele Monroe (not pinoy tho)."

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, Hannah! We are so honored to feature you as 9MM Blogzine #Hottie. This page is yours and our 9MM Salute!

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