Divine Comedy Tribute

I always think that God is the most serious and agitated deity man has ever known. What can you expect from me? I was raised as a Christian and all the movies, films, sculptures and  images of God and Jesus Christ are all serious and always in agony. Even the saints and other deities of the Christian religion doesn't even smirk in their sculptures.

A friend suggested me this movie and I was wrong my whole life. Even God has a sense of humor.


Dogma is written and directed by Kevin Smith and stars Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, Linda Florentino, Alan Rickman and Jason Mewes among others. The story is about two fallen angels trying to get back to heaven because of a alleged loophole in Catholic dogma. And the last scion's mission together with Jay and Silent Bob is to prevent these two fallen angels to prove God wrong thus undoing all his creation.

When I first seen Dogma, there were no films and movie that shows divine entities interacting with humans. Aside from the biblical films made that were shown only on Holy Week, this the only movie that enlightened me that other people has different perspective about God.

My favorite scenes in the movie were the Golgotha, the Serendipity and Metatron scenes. I also liked the Voodoo and all scenes where Jay and Silent Bob are on.

Kevin Smith did a great job in writing this movie as well as directing it. To the cast and crew of the movie, kudos to all. This page is for the Dogma movie and all it's cast and crew. Salute to all!


Dogma Dogma Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 9:00 AM Rating: 5

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