Dennis Rodman

Rebound King Tribute

Although basketball is a game of points, it is inevitable that we also need to look on statistics on how those points are being scored. There are assists, rebounds, steals, defense and turnovers to make sure we win with points. With our #Tribute we don't focus on a scoring machine like His Airness Michael Jordan. We will focus on the contributor who gave the Chicago Bulls their three peat phenomena...

Dennis Rodman

The Worm, as they call him, won five NBA championship rings with the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls. He was also named as the Defensive Player of the Year twice and led the league in rebounds per game for a record seven consecutive years.

Aside from his basketball greatness, Rodman is also famous with his flamboyant antics on and off the court. He dyed his hair many times, had several tattoos and piercings al over his body and crating chaos on the basketball court. He also had an affair with Madonna and was shortly married to Carmen Electra.

I hated Rodman when he was with the Pistons because at that time, hard fouls and cheap shots are not my kind of basketball game. For me, it was cheating. But when he was traded to the Bulls. that was when I understood him.

He would trade a bruised body, a technical foul or an ejection for defending an opponent, scramble for the loose ball and getting that rebound. Although he has his attitude but you can't deny his dedication and the will to win when playing in the hard court.

So to Dennis Rodman, this page is for you and our 9MM Salute for all your efforts you gave us NBA fans . Your passion and hard work inside the basketball court has never been inspiring to us that are not score maniacs.


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