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There are billions of stars in the universe and if you believe that the sun is one of those stars, then there might be a planet out there that has life. Not sure though if they are also as stupid as us human beings but it can be possible.

But our featured #Hottie here in 9MM Blogzine cannot be reached because of her name. Luckily, we followed and reached the unreachable.... star! hahaha!


Tala, 27 (at the time of writing) is a single mother. She was supposedly to be married but it did not work out. Let's know more about her.

What do you do aside from being HOT in Instagram and Facebook?
"I worked as a telesales marketing in online gaming."

Cool! And where are you from?
"Originally from Samar but residing here in Manila."

Are you in a relationship right now?
"I'm single."

Wow! With that hotness oozing from you... anyway, What would a guy do to impress you?
"I dont know. Maybe honesty will do. Never pa ako nagkaboyfriend na naglast ng one year. Lagi kasi naghahanap ng mas sexy."

Ay talaga? SEXY ka naman ah! By the way, what is SEXY for you?
"Hmmm. For me sexiness isn't a shape. Its an attitude. When you feel good, look good, sexiness comes out."

What's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"Hindi pa ako nalalasing, haha! Tipsy lang."

Talaga?! And wala ka pang nagagawang crazy kahit tipsy ka lang?
"May nagawa akong crazy kahit hindi lasing and tipsy."

Can you share it with us?
"My friend and I f*cked while natutulog yung two friends namin na katabi lang namin."

Wow! Friend mo lang yun ah. haha!
"First and last na kalokohan. Fling naman. hahaha!"

ahaha! Next question, When was the last time you went to a public place without panties?
"Haven't done that. Lagi ako may panty. hahaha!"

Next question... How old were you when you lost your virginity?
"21 and nabuntis agad! Hindi ko naenjoy makipagsex ng dalaga pa ako."

Ay ganun. Sayang naman. Masarap yun. hahaha! 
"Yes. Iba talaga pag dalaga pa , lalo na sa boobs kahit may damit pag hinawakan mo nakakakiliti. Pag may baby na kunti nalang hahaha!"

What is one of your sex fantasies?
"Threesome. With two guys! Crazy diba hahaha! Kahit hindi ko sure kung kaya ko."

Gusto ko din ng threesome pero two girls. Lalaki ako syempre kaya ganun preference ko. And I respect yours. Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal?
"Merun naman po. Madalas dun sa binobroadcast ko. Nagbobroadcast ako. Then may private show. Ayoko lang makipagmeet kasi ayoko malaman identity ko. Tango and cake lang."

Ah ok. Ano sila? Is it like dating sites? Are you earning from it kahit di ka makipag meet?
"Hmmm. Parang ganun na nga. I earn diamonds and coins and nacoconvert siya sa cash."

I see. Last question. Give us three local male celebs that you fantasize having sex with.
"Toni Labrusca, Derek Ramsey and Daniel Matsunaga."

Thanks you so much for this opportunity, Tala! We are so honored to have you as one of our #Hottie for 9MM Blogzine. This page is yours and our 9MM Salute!

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