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There are several Filipino talent that are undistinguished. I mean only a few people appreciate the music of the bands that are playing in front of them.

There are Juan Dela Cruz, The Jerks and Wolfgang that I already featured here. And I want to showcase some more of the bands that I like. This is my blog and  want to feature this band and pay my tribute...


The band was originally composed of vocalist Kevin Roy, guitarists David Aguirre and Tirso Ripoll, bassist Louie Talan and drummer Miguel Ortigas. They released their first album Hebigat Sounds Volume One with this lineup on 1995. The band released several albums after with different member changes including drummer Brian Velasco and Wolfgang member Manuel Legarda.

What l like about Razorback is that they wanted to be music for the masses. but unfortunately, it didn't accepted the band right away. It took then a few more albums to get them build their followers. But still, they rock.

My favorite songs from them are Tabi Ng Bulkan, Giyang, Payaso, Pepe The Hepe among others.

Their songs are catchy and has that theme of old rock. Their guitar playing is perfection and the lyrics stays catchy and melodic. For me, they are one of the greatest bands of all time.

To Razorback, this page is for you. Thank you to all the music you imparted and shared with us. You deserve our 9MM Salute!


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