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This year has brought so much pain and disaster for many of us. and it hasn't mid year yet. Wildfires in Australia, Taal volcano eruption, the scare of World War 3 and others that began the year as ugly as your girlfriend. Kidding aside!

In this article, we will paying #Tributes to some of the humans that inspired or touched our lives in one way or another. It has been a long time since I paid homage to those influential people to me and others.

1964 - 2019
Domingo Brotamante Jr. is a comedian, actor and TV host. He was well known as a sidekick of Willie Revillame in his infamous TV shows Wowowee. His loyalty up to his death remains with Willie. Nobody is as good as a sidekick as him. Bentong died from cardiac arrest on February 9 2019.

Frederick "Curly" Neal
1942 - 2020
I love watching the best basketball entertainers - The Harlem Globetrotters. Their tricks and dribbling abilities as well as their play executions were unprecedented. Especially when Curly is present. He would provide the laughs and entertainment when performing and playing against their opponent. No one provided me entertainment in their team but him. Curly died on March 26 2020 at the age of 77.

Gary Lising
1941 - 2019
An author, actor, comedian and the master of green jokes, Gary Lising is a legend. Although his jokes were not accepted by the people way back because they were too busy being hypocrite, Gary still didn't stop on telling us those green jokes. And I admire him on that. Gary died at his condominium unit on May 31 2019.

Kenny Rogers
1938 - 2020
The person who sang "Through The Years" and provided us roasted chicken influenced me with that song and his restaurant. I love to eat Kenny Rogers Roasters since it opened its first branch here. His song captivated our sense of friendship and camaraderie among us. Kenny died on March 20 2020 from a natural cause.

Gerry Alanguilan
1968 - 2019
The Komikero, worked on several comics. He created graphic novels like Wasted and Elmer. He also given the Philippines the pride of rendering inking chores for different international comics company with Marvel, DC and Image. I learned about him when I bought my copy of Elmer and since then I already followed and supported local comics scene. He was also famous with his internet meme - Hey, Baby. Gerry died on December 21 2019.

Kobe Bryant
1978 - 2020
It was a tragic morning for all basketball fans around the world when we heard the news that Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and others meet their death with a helicopter crash on January 26 2020. Kobe was the greatest player in his time following the greatness of Michael Jordan. I was not really a die hard fan of him but I respect his game and talent. Imagine how it was hard for a father to tell his daughter that's it's gonna be alright while the helicopter was plummeting down to their death. Kobe was 41.

Rest in peace to you all that had impacted and influenced my life and others. This page is yours and you will all be remembered. You all deserve the 9MM Blogzine's Salute!


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