Barbie Onoda

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Our 9MM Blogzine #Hottie is an adventurous individual. She has a brave heart and strong mind to face the very challenges of life. Very strong personality and definitely there's more where that came from. Here she is...

Barbie Onoda

Barbie is a single mother and still into modeling. Her reason for staying is to empower every women to show how powerful and beautiful they are and to keep going despite of other's criticism.

A warrior lady indeed.

Wow! Good answer! Are you in a relationship right now?
"No, I am not into any relationship. As long as I can I want to be self-partnered."

Self partnered? Can you elaborate that for us because its not in the norm so that people can understand.
"Well, self-partnered is the new term they used for being single in relationship status. With this, I feel complete and fulfilled without seeking attention from anybody."

Well, I haven't encountered someone who is self partnered. How do you argue? Just joking! Anyway, next question... What is SEXY for you?
"Every women has a definition of being sexy. For me, sexy means being confident on how you look and show up to the world. Sexy isn’t confined in its meaning on how pretty your body is, in the end it is still on how you portray yourself."

Your answers are overwhelming us. What part of your body do you think is the sexiest?
"Others may see my boobs and butt as my sexiest part, but for me my whole body is sexy. Why? Every part of mine is a complement of the other. I would not see nor others would not see the sexy of just a part without seeing the whole."

We know! But just to be particular, we love your eyes. Its like there is a soul that wants to talk to us inside.
"Thank you for appreciating its beauty."

You're welcome! Next, what's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"Honestly , I haven’t drink too much. I know my limits when I am drinking that is why I haven’t done any crazy thing while drunk."

Fair enough. Any stupidly funny thing you have done so far?
"I think its doing childish things , like having pranks on the road. Having threads and there is a slipper tied on it. And make it like walking slippers when somebody walks along."

Lovely! When was the last time you went to a public place without panties?
"I don’t usually go out without panties. Under wears are part of our daily Outfit Of The Day. I don’t wear panties during the sexy photo shoots, of course."

OK. Fair enough. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
"On the 5th year of my 2nd decade in this world."

OK. Is it 25, right? hahaha!
"Yes you’re right."

Next, in your opinion, what do men do wrong when having sex?
"Based on my experience on my daughter’s father , he did nothing wrong. For as long as women wants to have sex also. Because I think when they did something wrong which is below the women's concern, it’s consider rape."

Yes I understand. But when partners have sex, what does men do wrong or miss to satisfy their woman?
"Everything said is what I have experience on my daughter's father. That means I’m contented and satisfied."

Yeah! Cool! Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal? If so, how much and in what terms?
"Yes, but I think I cannot answer how much it is. I take it personal."

OK. We understand. Last, name three local male celebrities you have sexual fantasy with or crush.
"Dingdong DantesIan Veneracion and Wendell Ramos."

Thank you so much Barbie Onoda for giving this opportunity to have you featured in 9MM Blogzine as one of our #Hottie. This page is for you along with our 9MM Salute.

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