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This Enhanced Community Quarantine have made us realize to push more of 9MM Blogzine. Push for more interviews, features and sell our site for traffic and advertisements. And since its gonna be extended, we will feature the rest of the #CelebrityOfTheMonth for the year 2020. Who knows what will happen in the next few months.

We already started the year with #COTM Myles Hernandez and the ones that will be featured here are for the rest of the months. Here they are...

February - Catriona Gray
The 2019 Miss Universe has caught our eyes' attention. Not only that she is almost perfect when it comes to beauty but she has a crisp brain. Smart and hotness rolled into one, we cannot see the silver lining out of it but just the sparkle of her majesty... that is Catriona Gray.

March - Kathryn Bernardo
The other half of the KathNiel love team, box office queen, animal protector and actress. Kathryn has been highly regarded because of her talent. But for us, we first noticed her beauty and hotness when she became a woman. Her petite figure and almost perfect face and complexion is what we crave for Filipinas. Almost all men are dying to wait for her wearing bikinis in a beach somewhere in the world. Our eyes are watchful for you.

April - Klea Pineda
The Ultimate Female Survivor of Starstruck season 6. An actress and model well known for her performance as Lira/Milagros in the 2015 hit TV show Encantadia. Klea's complexion has been our fetish aside from her gorgeous looks and figure. We are vigilant whenever she flaunts her photos in Instagram and she doesn't fail us.

May - Bianca Umali
With numerous accomplishments under her belt as model, actress and singer, Bianca is truly on her way to the top. Of course, we still adore her like a goddess. Bianca's hourglass figure, pretty face and kayumanggi complexion sure has managed to our admiration of her. We can't stop looking at her photos in skimpy bikinis but she also awesome when she's in dress or comfy casuals. Let's see what the future will hold for her... 

June - Alexa Ilacad
We followed her ever since we had the chance to have a photo with her. And that's when we noticed that she is beginning to be a woman. Alexa is such a sweet young lady aside from her beautiful face and complexion. She was an alumna of the kid's gag show "Going Bulilit" and she took several roles in the ABS-CBN's shows and films. Now that she's all grown up... we are looking forward for a much mature version of her.

July - Arci Muñoz
Whether you like her enhancements or not, Arci will still be one of our darlings. Aside from being a good actress and model, she's also the vocalist of the band Philia. She also had that rock star attitude together with her pouty lips, gorgeousness and amazing body. She can always play any kind of roles you throw at her and we will be awed by her splendid presence.

August - Julie Anne San Jose
A multi talented is in the persona of Julie Anne. Being a singer, actress, model and host, she never stops until she gets better in everything. But for us, she will always an eye candy. With her luscious lips and scantily sexy body, we men can never get over with. We always await for her to flaunt her assets in an attempt to fill our empty fantasies. And as Claudia said in the film Interview With A Vampire - "We want some more!"

September - Alexa Mora
We stumbled on this hidden gem while browsing our Instagram. And what a sight we have found. We don't have the info that she exist until we found her. All we know is that Alexa is a singer, actress and model of GMA. We were mesmerized by her awesome appeal through her social media account. Lots of sizzling photos that made summer a little bit shy. Looking forward to feature her here.

October - Kylie Verzosa
The Binibining Pilipinas International 2016 has been moving around showbiz for quite sometime. Also making her presence in social medias that is making men drool over her. Kylie's oozing sex appeal compliments her Coke figure and pretty face and smile. Hope to see more of her skin and figure.

November - Annalyn Baro
An actress, model and mainstay of the longest running gag show Bubble Gang. Very few women has sense of humor like Annalyn as well as having a sexy and hot body. Her big round eyes, nice smile and petite but sexy figure are almost perfect for us. We laugh at her jokes but awed by her hotness.

December - Liza Soberano
The most angelic face and body roaming around showbiz. Liza is an actress, model and one half of the LizQuen tandem. She's almost perfect with her face, lips, smile and smoldering hot bod that make the devil in us unleashed... although tamed. Like we have said for Angel Locsin, Liza Soberano is an angel made into flesh.

Hoping to give them their individual pages this year but for now this will do. Check out their social media accounts to prove my testimonials proven for you. A big 9MM Salute from 9MM Blogzine to all of these women.


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