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The English language is being learned nowadays in different countries that English is not their mother tongue. Good thing, we have internet and the technology to teach the language online. and our #Hottie is one of them. 


She is an events organizer and an online English tutor for kids in China. Let's know more about her below.

Are you in a relationship right now?

For example you're single, how do men impress you?
"Well, men impress me if they are not boastful, arrogant and a show off. Because even if someone approaches me even if he's good looking, has a good built and has a good car and stuffs, I still don't care. What I look for a man is gentleness, has a good heart and respectful. Was that too much? ahahaha!"

No. How about sense of humor? Because we definitely have that hahaha!
"Yes, also that. a good sense of humor will do."

Thanks! Moving on, how do you define sexy?
"Sexy is just a physical appearance to impress people around you. Because if you're sexy but you're not good, still you're nothing."

Good answer. Next, have you cheated from a boyfriend?
"Never. Because I do believe in karma and also I don't want that to happen to me (be cheated on). But it happens to me a lot."

Good girl! Next... what's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"Cry. Cry because I lost on a bet.  I cried like a baby and it was damn hilarious!"

Cry?!? Lame! There should be another crazy thing you did when you were drunk, is there?
"The first time I got drunk is when I was 15 with my best friend who is also her first time to drink alcohol so we got drunk. The venue is at one of our friends house overlooking to metro manila so we got so drunk and we puke on every tree that we passed by. It was funny and we sing and dance on the street. Gladly it was 2AM and no one's there to witness our craziness. We fell asleep at our friends house and we lost our phones. But its cool because we both have a spare phone with is. haha!"

LOVE it! Moving on, sexiest piece of clothing you have worn in front of your partner?
"Lingerie. Laced, bodysuit and others."

Next question, at what age did you lose your virginity?

Cool! Same age as mine. Next, when was the last time you went to a public place without panties?
"I have never went out without. Oh shoot! I did! haha! One time last month."

What part of your body are you most proud of?
"Maybe my legs? I'm not sure."

Cool with the legs. But we LOVE your eyes and your smile because it speaks your soul. Name 3 male local celebrities that you want to have sex with.
"Hmmm... I don't know. But I have one in mind, Ian Veneracion maybe?"

Okay. Next, with your beauty and hotness, have you received any indecent proposals?
"Yes! Many times. I remember someone offering me to send a nude picture for 50 to 80 thousand for 2 photos. I got scared because I don't do that kind of stuff. So I instantly blocked that pervert."

Thank you so much Rafi for this opportunity and feature you in 9MM Blogzine as one of our #Hottie. This page is for you and a 9MM Salute is for you.


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