Myles Hernandez

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While thinking of something to share and write here, my brain will stumble most of the time to celebrity crushes and fantasy I had. And when I am thinking more, I ask myself "Where are they now?" Then I would scour the internet long hours but unfortunately I cannot find some information about them.

And with our feature article, I will be unable to provide an update of her whereabouts but only a little information about who she is and why we liked her.

Myles Hernandez

I first saw Myles as the Girlfriend Of The Month from a leading men's magazine. I was already mesmerized with her smile, complexion and her puppies. And aside from that,  according to the article I read, she is also brainy.

She was a part of the Viva Hot Babes and we followed them with their calendars, magazines and videos. And in the movie which included her, I was amazed by her acting and her amazing face and body.

I also had the chance to see her in person and had my poster and magazine signed by her. And it was already utopia for us men including those who lined up for it.

Unfortunately, we cannot locate her in the internet. We don't know if she's married, have children and where she is located. Nonetheless, we still admire Myles Hernandez. Thank you for those countless lotion we used and tissues we disposed. We give you our 9MM Salute and this page is for you, Myles Hernandez.

We located her account in Instagram. She is already have a family with 3 kids. Myles and her family are currently living in Vancouver, Canada and she is now a vlogger.


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