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We are really proud that not all models are snub and really not that helpful to their fans. We would un-follow those models that are not even looking at their social media accounts and reply to those messaging them. We already get the message if you seen-zoned us or not really checking your inboxes.

But our 9MM Blogzine #GirlOfTheMonth did not even hesitated to give us the chance to interview her. She is a well known model, close friend to our 9MM Girl Angel Malit and equally hot as her...

Jem Milton

Jem has been known in the car shows and other modelling stints in the country. She also gazed the pages of several men's magazine in the Philippines. Let's start knowing her... 

Tell us more about yourself.
"My real name is Jeramie Padolina. I'm an Aries and an only child. I am also a Psychology graduate and I love cats."

Are you in a relationship right now?

Let's just say you're not in a relationship, what would a guy do to impress you?
"Maging totoo lang siya." 

Have you cheated on a boyfriend?
"Yes. Twice. pero kasi nangyayari yan pag may una na silang nagawa saken. Or nasira na yung trust. Di ko intentionally na nag cheat. Guys cheat for sex, girls cheat for affection."

Gotcha! What's the craziest thing you have done while drunk? 
"Ano ba? Tagal ko na kasing di nalalasing. Naghahatid ako ng mga friends ko tapos di ko maalala na naihatid ko sila." 

hahaha! That's TRUE SKILL! When was the last time you went to a public place without panties? 
"I always wear one." 

Fair enough. What part of your body are you most proud of? 
"My eyes and boobs." 

We absolutely agree! You have one of the prettiest eyes we have seen. 
"Thank you!" 

Is there something in your body that got enhanced? 
"Yes. Yung ibang girls ayaw umamin na nagpaayos sila. Ako kasi sinasabi ko pag me nagtanong. My nose, boobs and chin." 

Pagtapos mo enhance lahat, maintenance na lang? Di ka na nagpa enhance ng ibang parts? 
"Hindi na." 

How old were you when you lost your virginity? 
"Mga 15 siguro. Ang masaklap di ko siya boyfriend nun. Schoolmate ko lang. higher batch saken. Pero wait... pag ba nafinger ka virgin ka pa ba nun? 

I think so... yeah! 
"Kung finger lang di counted yun. Kasi before nun, first BF ko nafinger ako pero since di naman counted, yun schoolmate ko nga. Yun yung nagdivirginize saken." 

So pano ka niya napapayag gawin yun if he is not your BF? 
"Syempre pag bata ka, naive ka. Uto uto. Konting bola lang naniniwala na. Kinikilig ka na pero na gets ko naman na din wala lang yun. Din naman ako yung umasa." 

Ahahaha! Binigyan ka ng lollipop na di nauubos. hahaha! 
"Niloloko na ko, kinikilig pa ako. Pero alam ko nun na yun na yun. Di naman ako yun nagalaw tapos iniwan tapos umasa tapos umiyak.. Alam ko na wala lang yun." 

How many one night stands have you had? 
"Mag intro lang ako sa sasabihin ko. Since nagka BF ako nung High School, tuloy tuloy lagi ako may BF. Wala talaga yung matagal na single ako. So nung nag break kami ng third boyfriend ko, nagkaroon ng malaking time na single ako. So nung time na yun, dami kong one night stands. Kasi yun lang ang time na naging single ako. At di ko na maalala kung ilan yun. Yun yung time na masabi ko na ang LANDI ko. hahahaha! Ngayon nga di ako makapaniwala na ang landi ko nung time na yun." 

Any rough estimate or ballpark on those number of one night stands you had? 
"Di ko na talaga alam. Di ko na matandaan. Dami din naman kasi talaga bagay na di ko na din talga matandaan sa ng mga nagyari saken. Parang isang malking blur na. Yung iba di ko pa talaga maalala kung di pa papaalala saken. Wild din kasi yung time na yun. Magulo."

So since me mga naka one night stands ka, pano ka namin mapapa YES para maka one night stand ka namin? 
"Yung time na yun kasi... I was only having fun. So if like ko yun guy eh di GO. Single naman ako naman. And di din ako naghahanap ng anything serious. Ine enjoy ko lang freedom ko nun." 

Ok. Next question. Have you had sex with someone famous? Celebrity and/or politician? 
"Yes. 2 politician and 4 celebrities." 

Most likely meron ka din nito. Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal? How much is the highest offer and is it from a politician or celebrity? 
"Yes. But I don't want to go on to the details of it." 

Have you tried illegal drugs? 
"hahaha! Yes." 

At least you're REAL and TRUE. 
"Thanks! Pero now good girl na ako. As in. In terms of vices." 

We know and we understand why you did it before. We are not gonna be judgmental on you. 
"And super di na ako malandi. MANANG na MANANG na ako. hahaha! Pero lahat naman ng ginawa ko dati, di ko naman kinakahiya. Pati yun fact na nakulong ako." 

Good for you! We noticed you being MANANG sa mga IG photos mo. hahaha! 
"Di ko kinakahiya kasi nangyari naman talaga. Pero yun story sa news and media, hindi ganun ang nangyari. And tapos na din kaso ko. Acquitted ako! Maisip mo pa lang na makukulong ka, di ba ang hirap? So naisip ko yun mga susunod na mangyayaring mga problems saken. Maliit na bagay na. Kayang kaya na." 

We agree and we're all here to support you all the way. Last question. Name 3 local celebrities that you want to have sex with. 
"Sino ba? Derek Ramsey, Coco Martin and Ion Perez." 

Ion?!? Whoa! Marunong sumipa ang makakalaban mo ke Ion... hahaha! 
"hahaha! Yun kasi IF wala akong BF. But since meron, wala akong gusto maka sex kundi BF ko lang." 

Thank you so much to our 9MM Blogzine #GOTM Jem Milton for giving us this opportunity and time to know more about you. This page is yours and a big 9MM Salute is yours also.


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