Michael Jordan

His Airness Tribute

I loved basketball since I started the sport when I was 9 years old. We supported players from the local league which is the PBA. NBA is quite narrowed between the Lakers and the Celtics. We only see chunks of NBA from VHS we rented. For PBA, me and some of my childhood friends supported Ginebra who is coached by The Living Legend Robert Jaworski.

Ever since we had access to cable TV in the 90's, we were exposed to the NBA and especially to the Chicago Bulls. That is because there is a player that would be considered as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

Michael Jordan

Born as an Aquarius, MJ was a player of the Chicago Bulls winning 6 NBA championship rings and several awards for his greatness in the world of basketball. As of this writing, he is the owner of the NBA team Charlotte Hornets.

Jordan redefined basketball with his determination to be dominant in the league. Together with his teammates and coaches, he was able to get 6 championship rings in a span of 8 years. And man, he did well and beyond.

What I like about his Airness is he can get what people want. The people said he cannot steal, he proved it to be a leading player in steals in one of his playing seasons. When he is insulted, he proved it wrong to the people who insulted him. 

Like what Horace Grant said to him when the Bulls were defeated by Magic in the playoffs where Grant was a player. Grant said "23 is much better than 45."  Jordan wore the 45 jersey after going back to NBA after his first retirement. The next season, the Magic was swept by the Bulls in the playoffs.

With all the talks about who is the Greatest Of All Time comparing the players about their ability, I say its BS. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Jordan played in different timelines. But if they all play in one time and they are all in their prime, Jordan will be sweeping all of them with his abilities and skills.

So to His Airness and The GOAT (for us), we give you the 9MM Salute and this page is dedicated to Michael Jordan.

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