Marie Fredriksson

In Memoriam 

When we are young and started to appreciate music, their music was the first influenced us to begin our journey to LOVE music. That is how I understood that there is no human being would not appreciate music. Music is our escape and relief with life. And we appreciate people that creates good music.

And I was devastated with this news that she has been battling a cancer until she reached death. Hopefully, doctors would have the same attitude with musicians. Even if not reciprocated with money, they will do how to fight any cancer. We pay tribute to this musician that touched our lives...

Marie Fredricksson

She is the female voice of the band Roxette. People think that she is Roxette but she isn't. Let me be clear on that. She battled her cancer for over a decade while still making music. She died at 61 years old.

We started our music journey with them, as we have said. Their music enlightened us to appreciate this art. Before, we went on to appreciate Death Metal, Roxette was the initiation. And they were the first artists to influenced us.

Marie's voice gave more justice to songs like "It Must Have Been Love", "Dangerous" and "Crash Boom Bang" among others.

We are playing your songs, Marie, and you will be forever in our hearts. Rest In Peace and you did well in your life that you lived yours and not just passed. We are so PROUD of you. This page is for you and a 9MM Salute is for you. 


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