Erich Gonzalez

Sexy Late Bloomer 

We are saving our new sets of girls for 2020. And we were featuring women, for now, that we appreciate so much before the year ends. When we say late bloomer, we are saying that they are losing their career and need to comeback. But since we are not thinking of it, we are listing females, celebrities or not, that would be included in 9MM Blogzine.

This celebrity that we would feature is so much sexy that we cannot deny that she deserve a page on our 9MM Blogzine as our #CelebrityOfTheMonth. Here she is...

Erich Gonzales 

Part of Star Circle Quest, Erich was known as her role in teleseryes like Katorse, Maria La Del Barrio and others that paved the way to her stardom. She also made movies like Corazon (ang Unang Aswang) among others that she made with Regal Films.

We loved Erich's smile and her body. Slim and petite. Whenever she smiles, there's like an angel that takes our stress away. And then we would make our (men) move to win her. 

Erich has this body also to die for. Perky bumpers and petite body plus a nice face that we men can always fantasize about. With her roles in her teleseryes, feisty but gentle... some men are into it. We dig it in a female. Like her role in The Blood Sisters among other.

So Erich Gonzales, this page is for you. We will edit this if we want to add more to our liking and loving to you. And we will continue to support you for the rest of your career. A 9MM Salute is for you from 9MM Blogzine!


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