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The Good Girl

We have been chasing our 9MM Blogzine #GirlOfTheMonth for months and we are very thankful for this opportunity to interview her and let us know her more. Because of her business and what happened to her life is what will be happening in this interview. Let's read on...

Emma Rueda 

Emma is a Filipina-Spanish model and based in different countries of the world. We were pursuing her since January 2019. So let's read the interview. 

Given your looks, Are you in a relationship right now? What would a guy do to impress you? 
"Oh WOW! That's a good question, I just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years 3 weeks ago. I don't think I have a type. I don't really know since I can't really compare him to any other relationship. But what really impressed me on a guy is the ability of being confident but not arrogant. Its a VERY FINE line. And yeah, he was my first and only boyfriend." 

Awts! Sorry to hear that. How are you coping? 
"It's never easy to be honest. I'm still dealing with it and it looks like it's gonna take time, it's too fresh. I'm just happy to have my family and friends support. That's the only thing I need at the moment." 

That's the right way to do. Just take it easy and slow....  and we hope that you find someone for you. Moving on to the next question. 
"Haha! Of course I'll be fine. It's just hard at the beginning but it is what it is."

What part of your body are you most proud of? 
"I think as a woman you should just love your body in general. Specially in the modelling industry when people keep telling you you"re too fat too small whatever endless judgments they can tell you. you just have to love your body and yourself. Once you do that the problem is solved." 

Nice! For us we LOVE your eyes and smile. 
"Oh WOW thank you! I really appreciate that!" 

How do you define SEXY? 
"Well sexy is when you just feel comfortable on your own skin, once you start believing that everyone will. It's about being charismatic and confident and life I said being comfortable on your own skin. It doesn't have to be the way you look, I've met guys that are not attractive but they really have sex appeal, and the other way around. Really attractive guys with no sex appeal. So for me, that's my definition of sexy. and also the way you carry yourself. That's really important as well." 

Great! What part of a man's body do you find the sexiest?

"This is the most complicated question for me. hahaha! I believe shoulders. And just being symmetrical in general. I don't want to sound mean. hahaha! 

That's OK. You don't sound mean and we just want to knoe what's in your mind. For you,  what do you consider the sexiest book or reading material ?
"Okay so my favorite writer is John Maxwell. He writes inspirational books and I absolutely love it. But I've read all the Fifty Shades of Grey saga and also Why Man Marry Bitches and The Rules. hahaha!" 

Cool! Sexiest food?
"I don't think there's a sexiest food but I LOVE Italian food. hahaha!" 

hahaha! But nice choice! What do you do to let loose or destress?
"mostly I'll do yoga. It relaxes me physically, mentally and spiritually. Also I don't mind  having a glass of wine that relaxes me as well."

What article of clothing would define you? 
"I'd say a jumpsuit because they are so easy to wear and you don't have to think about pairing it with anything plus it looks classy. hahaha!" 

Jumpsuit?!? hahaha! moving on. What would a guy do to impress you? 
"Love that question. First of all, show me good manners, stuff like respecting a waiter. It will really tell me a lot about his personality. Make me wanna trust him which at the moment is not possible hehe! and a guy that is really family oriented." 

Cool! Do you have or support a cause like feed the poor or save the earth? 
"Yes. I'm part of an association and also last year instead of spending Halloween, I just donated to an orphanage and we got them clowns and face painters and toiletries that they told me they needed most so it's been really rewarding having those experiences. 

Emma Rueda is a saint! Thank you so much for this opportunity to feature you in 9MM Blogzine as our #GirlOfTheMonth! This page is for you and this 9MM Salute! 


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