Eilene Nazareno

Petite Hotness

Men has different preferences when it comes to noticing the female species. There are men that prefer the lady's lower bumper than the upper and vice versa. There are men who prefers looks or intelligence or sense of humor from girls.

With our 9MM #MajorCrush, she can be chosen by men, not as a preference but by her looks and appeal. And many men cannot deny that this girl is an angel...

Eilene Nazareno

At 26, Eilene is already taking actions for her future. She is taking up Certificate in Fashion Design in SOFA Design Institute. She left her job and began to take the lead for her dream of becoming to have her own line of clothing as a dressmaker.

Eilene, though in a relationship, takes it easy as she learn and apply the things she is learning from her Fashion Design course. She hates people that has "crab mentality". Those people that are trying to pull you down when you are trying to get up the ladder. And with conviction, Eilene doesn't want to be around with these kind of people.

She loves to dance and as her social media status is increasing in followers, she loves to flaunt her sexiness.

In the pool, river, beach or just wearing casual clothing, Eilene is undeniably hot. Her nice smile takes men's stress away. Her fit and tight body gives her the aura that she's very appealing. And we won't be shocked if her social media account has ten thousand followers.

To Eilene Nazareno, Thank you so much for giving 9MM Blogzine to feature you as one of our #MajorCrush. A 9MM Salute is for you and this is your page.


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