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We simply encounter 9MM Girls that are friends in real life. I mentioned this because I just learned that our #MajorCrushes Pamela Henson and Justine Bedrero are best firiends after I posted a photo of the latter in Instagram (@9mmph). They commented on each other and that's where we were enlightened.

But another one is on their circle that we will be featuring as our #GirlOfTheMonth. And without further ado... here she is...


Joyzel just turned 23 and she loves singing and dancing. She also loves to surround herself with positive and successful people.

Joyzel? Is that the only name you want us to put here for you?
"Yeah! Not my real name though, but its okay, right?"

No problem with us. Next question, what do you do when you are not posting your gorgeous photos in social medias?
"I love to play online games like Mobile Legends and Call Of Duty. I'm also doing business and sometimes sleeping. hahaha!"

What business do you have?
"Selling herbal products like for cancer and others."

Given your looks, what type of guys are you into? Are you in a relationship right now? What would a guy do to impress you (just in case you're single)?
"I'm SINGLE. And I don't have types in a guy. hahaha!"

Why? You don't like boys?
"No! I mean kasi ayoko hanapin. Kun dadating... dadating yan. Galing ako sa break up that's why focus ako sa sarili ko, family and pagunlad ko. Sabi nga kung gusto mo ng tunay na partner in life, wag mo hanapin kasi kusang darating yun. Dapat effortless."

Ok. We understand. If ever there is, what characteristics do you look for in a guy?
"Of course I like business minded guys that he needs to love me more. Gwapo and smart din kahit paano. Tapos tall at malaki ang paa. hahaha!"

Malaki ang paa?!? We thought something naughty there when you said that. hahah!
"Kidding aside. Ikaw malaki ba ang paa mo? Baka maliit lang yan. hahaha!"

Sakto lang ang paa ko. Next question tayo, have you cheated from a boyfriend?
"No. Walang nag cheat sa amin. Napagod lang kami. "

What is SEXY for you?
"Chest and shoulders. I like being hugged whole."

What's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"Yun pinaka craziest kong nagawa na lasing ako is when I went on the top of a glass table to dance. Bawal pala. hahaha!"

When was the last time you went to a public place without panties?
"I haven't done going to public without panties. I did it without bras often. Pag bumibili ako sa tindahan."
Sexiest piece of clothing?
"Big shirt with no bra."

What part of your body would you consider your selling point?
"I would say my whole body but if its only a part, i think it would be my boobs. hahaha!"

Three men that you find sexy?
"Piolo Pascual, Alden Richards and Enrique Gil."

Thank you so much to Joyzel for this wonderful opportunity to interview you and to be featured as our #9MMGirlOfTheMonth. This page is for you together with our 9MM Salute.


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