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In the early 90s, bands were struggling to get their music heard. They literally swallow their pride just to get recording contract. Record companies are only blinded with money and not the talent of their artists.

Look at my featured bands like The Breed and Color It Red, they did not get their recording contract right away. Its because the management of the record companies think that their not sell able. Their not marketable enough for their own profits.

Luckily, the band that we feature here in this article, are already marketable because of their songs...

Composed of mostly the Buencamino brothers. The band had five albums and reached Platinum award for the sales of their albums.

Back in my high school days, this band was a mellow band. But I don't care. They were one of the best bands for me. They composed songs from the heart.

Although many hated them, I still support them that time. I remember that I was to do an interview with the band because it was requirement on one of my subject in college. But it never get materialized for they were so busy with rehearsals, recording and tours.

Its like Introvoyz is the Bon Jovi of the Philippines. Even though they play mellow rock (and appears baduy to rockers), they still have roots on playing rock n' roll. My favorite songs from Introvoyz are "Will I Survive", "However Which Way" and ""Di Na Ako Aasa Pa" among others.

So to Introvoyz, I salute you and your music. You helped paved the way to Pinoy Rock. Although you've been criticized as mainstream but they don't know nothing. Introvoyz is still, undeniably, one of the pioneers of Pinoy Alternative Rock.


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