Eunice Margarejo

Stunning Attendant

We have been almost stagnant for quite a while because of lack of potential features here in our blog. Fortunately, we have thrived to make contacts to many prospects and some quite responded and here we are... writing this article for her.

Eunice Margarejo

Eunice, 22 (at the time of writing) is a Ground Attendant of an airline company and she is from Bulacan. Her passion is modelling ever since she experienced it.

Given your looks, what type of guys are you into? Are you in a relationship right now? What would a guy do to impress you (just in case you're single)?
"Yes. I'm single. I want a mature one. Someone who is consistent, loyal and sincere. Someone I feel like home. Looks are just bonus."

Seriously?!? But have you had relationships in the past? Reason we're asking is because you are too pretty and hot to not to be LOVED and TAKEN CARED of .
"Just broke up with him. He left without giving me any reasons."

Awts! So sorry to hear that. How are you coping up?
"I made myself busy. Going out everyday with my friends to have fun."

We're sure you'll find a better man soon. 
"I hope so."

Anyway, moving forward. Have you cheated from a boyfriend?
"Never. When I have a boyfriend, I'm not just loyal, I'm also faithful!"

What is SEXY for you?
"For me sexy is having curves with big butt and boobs!"

That is why we chose to feature you here in 9MM Blogzine.... because you are.
"Well thanks for the opportunity and for your compliments."

No worries. What's the craziest thing you have done while drunk?
"Maybe drunk call and texts to my ex hahaha!"

hahaha! What did he replied back to you? It seems that your ex is a stupid person letting you go just like that.
"Nothing. He doesn't care at all."

Ok. Moving on to the next question. What part of your body would you consider your selling point?
"Maybe my boobs. I got a lot of comments saying that I really look seductive because I have big boobs."

We agree. We also LOVE your EYES, SMILE and BODY by the way. If you don't mind us asking what is the size of your breasts?
"Thank you though. It's 38B"

Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal?
"Of course. Many times."

Sexiest thing that you have done with somebody? Name three men that you find sexy?
Sexiest thing I've done with somebody? Hmmm maybe twerking in front of him while singing twerking like Miley. hahaha! Three sexiest men for me, Marco Gumabao, Tony Labrusca and Jak Roberto."

We would ask her more question but it would cross the line of the subtle set of our questions. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interview our #MajorCrush Eunice Margarejo. You deserve this page and our 9MM Salute!


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