Bon Jovi

Still A Good Band

A lot of people I know that jumped in to the band wagon era hate this group. I don't know why and they don't given me any good explanation why. They just said its so "baduy" Disgusting.

What is "baduy"? If its like because everybody likes it including those that are from the province? Then that's discriminating. They have the right to know what to listen to and what to like. There is no baduy for me.

As you know, I like every music genre from Disney soundtrack up to death metal. Name it, and if I don't know it, then let me listen to it first and I'll come up with my verdict. I'm really open when it comes to music.

So with this band that I'm going to feature is not new for you. They have gone from all ups and downs. Lives have been spilled because of them so I don't make them just a "band"...

Bon Jovi

A band that makes cheesy songs. But although, they still get through it. These cheesy songs are really good. If you have time to really enjoy music and not only listen because its the fad, then I recommend Bon Jovi.

Jon Bon Jovi's lyrical prowess as well as vocals really fit into the band genre. Richie Sambora is there to support the music as well as the other band members. A good guitarist is as good when it plays with a band.

My favorite songs are from the "Keep The Faith" album like In These Arms and Bed Of Roses. But some other songs that I like came from the other albums such as Blaze Of Glory, I'll Be There For You and Always among others.

Bon Jovi is a great band that can come up with songs that would mean your life. So don't hate them because your friends do. Listen to them first before you complain. And if you have issues with them, keep it to yourself.


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