Batangenyo Kabitenyo

A Movie For The Charming

When I was a kid, I always wish that I am a good looking person so that all girls would fall in love to me. I envy my classmates who has good looks then.

As I grow up, girls changed their preferences and go to the charming ones. Charming is defined as not having the good looks but the appeal of hotness.

So I told myself, I want the latter and not the former. And then a movie was created about being charming and hot. I was hoping I was in the starring role because he was the God of sex appeals.

Batangueno Kabitenyo

Starring Leo Martinez and Brownie with all the hot girls  like Anjanette Abayari, Dindi GallardoGlydel MercadoAmanda Page, Michelle Parton and other girls that are sizzling hot those days. Directed by Felix Dalay and released by Viva Films.

In this movie, when the lead was born, the midwife was unable to cut the umbilical cord of the baby. There was a tale that if it was not cut easily, the boy was to be a polygamous.

Leo Martinez played well in this movie as well his sidekick Brownie. I envied him when he was having some love scenes with the most gorgeous and hot actresses at that time. I especially liked the love scene with Dindi Gallardo and the threesome in the bathroom with Amanda Page and Michelle Parton.

Aside from the hot scenes, there were several humors that I can't stop laughing. Leo Martinez delivered some unique jokes that only he can do. At that time, he was funny aside from Dolphy and Vic Sotto.

So to the cast and crew of Batangenyo Kabitenyo movie, kudos to all of you. Although the film was showed at the time Titillating Films were rampant, you gave a twist that men like me loved.


Batangenyo Kabitenyo Batangenyo Kabitenyo Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 3:00 PM Rating: 5

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