Yassi Pressman

Silky, Smooth and Sexy

We always admired the smoothness and freshness of the skins of our 9MM Girls. The whiteness and almost flawless complexion are really attractive to us men. 9MM Girls Francine Prieto and Claudine Barretto would be a living proof to that.

With the young bloods coming out, our 9MM #CelebrityOfTheMonth is also gifted with nearly silky smooth complexion and hotness overload. Add to her already acting and dancing prowess and she is almost perfect.

Yassi Pressman

Yassi is a Filipino-British model, actress, singer and dancer. She was known as the "Princess Of The Dance Floor" of Party Pilipinas. As of this writing she plays as the wife of Kardo (Coco Martin) in the TV adaptation of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

Yassi has been on our radar ever since she came out of Big Brother's house. Although her movies are teen oriented still but we are awaiting for her to step up and have more mature roles.

While waiting for that moment, we are satisfying ourselves with her dance prowess. Yassi has the talent to gyrate and seduce the audience with her dancing talent.

Yassi has this pretty and pore-less face which is admirable to the eye. Her complexion can be compared to porcelain... smooth and white. Her sexy body is ripe and full. And when she smiles, every man can't deny her.

Yassi Pressman is, without a doubt, should be included as one of 9MM Girls. She has all the qualities that we want. This page is for you and a 9MM Salute to you.


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