Stone Cold Steve Austin

Hell Yeah!

I'm always a professional wrestling fan. This is the real men's drama series. Even if its scripted, I still watch it.

There are several wrestlers that I like. There's Randy "The Macho Man" Savage, for example. He was so flamboyant and skillful when it comes to wrestling.

But for the longest time that I watched WWE, there is only one distinct wrestler that I truly admire and follow. That's where I get my internet moniker --

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin is what they called the "anti-hero". He doesn't dance to the management's music and also not the evil one. He is the hero of the fans who are tired of the good versus evil plot.

With his SOB attitude, he was able to turn the WWE era to the "Attitude" era. He was the main person that turned around whatever WWE has left at that time.

Stone Cold's stunner and electrifying moves are worth watching and gives chill bumps to the fans like me. Even up until now.

I admired the character he portrayed in the WWE shows and respected him as the man in real life. Although an SOB, he still manages to give out to the fans and help out communities.

For me, The Texas Rattlesnake is one of the most legendary WWE talent as I speak. And nobody can equal that. And that's the bottom-line... 'cause Stone Cold  said so!


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