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We like and love girls who are uncompromising and are welcoming to our invitations. Its like they are very accommodating and are not afraid to share their stories with 9MM Blogzine. Of course, we live by the principle of integrity.

And that is the reason we love our #MajorCrush featured here. Aside from her stunning beauty and awesomeness, she welcomed us as if we knew each other for a long time. It would be very rude of me not to introduce her to you...

Justine Bedrero

Jazz, 24 was a former online casino dealer and now she is a make up artist. Let's get to know more about her. Read on!

Tell us more about yourself.
"I'm 24. I started modelling and pageant career when I was 15 sa Naga City, Camarines Sur. Then I went here in Manila last 2015 for a photography class. I was chosen as one of their models Then I got my job so I rest for some time in events and shoots. 2017 nung nag start ako ulit for car shows."

When and what was your last event?
"Car show events was last September 2018 for Modern Mustangs meet and greet. But if events including ushering / BA was last February 23 for NUTRENA."

What do you do when you're not modelling or posting your gorgeous photos on social medias?
"I was an online casino dealer from January 2015 to January this year. After that I went back to events and being a make up artist."

Ah okay. Di mo naman kailangan mag make up. You already have the looks kahit walang MU. Given your looks, what type of guys are you into?
"Clingy, mature and responsible mag isip. He needs to be sweet and patient also."

Cool! Are you in a relationship right now?
"Its complicated."

What do you mean its complicated? I saw your photos you were too sweet for you to say its complicated.
"I can't share it eh. Basta someone's very special to me and may place sa puso ko. But the one you are referring to in my Instagram was my brother."

Okay. I won't dig deeper. Anyway, have you ever asked a guy out?
"Not yet."

Hmm... What do you do to let loose or destress?
"Sleep and massage lang. I usually do the kapag stress talaga ako sa work and life. And I avoid talking to anybody."

What's the weirdest thing you have done so far?
"Hmmm... Siguro may nakagawa na din naman nito. Yung kakausapin mo yung sarili mo in front of the mirror and telling how stupid I am."

Pero did you do it in a public place? Something you did in public like not wearing your undies in a public place or event. Something like that.
"Hmmm maybe yun magpara ako ng mga sasakyan na dumadaan kapag drunk and bumaba ng bus na di ko pa nararating yun destination ko just to vomit then sakay uli ng another bus. A little of kalokohan."

Cool! Moving on... What are you passionate about?
"Gusto ko din talaga yung mga activities like feeding programs especially for the kids. We usually do it sa province. And since I join pageants, feeding programs are part of our activities."

What article of clothing would define you?
"Maybe just a dress simply because its easy to wear and you look sweet and feminine wearing it."

What part of your body would you consider your selling point?
"My eyes because its speaks for my soul."

We agree. You have a pair of sexy eyes.
"Thank you!"

Aside from those eyes, what would a guy do to impress you?
"Showing his true color, joke! I want someone who is not pretending to be somebody."

Thank you so much Justine Bedrero for this giving us the opportunity to feature you as 9MM Blogzine #MajorCrush. This page is for you together with a 9MM Salute!

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