Joy Ong

Lady SCRUM Master

According to our #MajorCrush, a SCRUM Master is the facilitator for an agile development IT team. SCRUM is a methodology used that allows a team to self organize and make changes quickly in accordance with agile principles.

And as a project manager that focuses on SCRUM, she helps and organize her team to achieve a common goal. Let's meet her...

Joy Wilgin Ong

Joy, 30 and lives in Bonifacio Global City, is also a rock star host. She is doing hosting chores professionally for years now. Modelling is just for the fun of doing it.

What did you take in college and what school are you from?
"I graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Communication Research at University of the Philippines Diliman."

Wow! What do you when you're not posting your gorgeous photos in social medias?
"I have a full time job. I'm in IT. I'm a SCRUM master and a project manager.

Thanks for the information. Given your looks, what type of guys are you into?
"I'm into older guys! hahaha! I also love the bad boy look. But my boyfriend right now is a clean cut cheerful guy! So I guess he's truly the exception."

Really? Like how old? 5 years older?
"My ex was ten years older than me for example."

Ah ok. But your current BF is the same age as yours, right?
Three years older but I won't consider him an older guy."

Why not?
"That's just the same age bracket right?"

Okay. Have you ever asked a guy out?
"Never and I believe in modern courtship."

Do you have any Chinese or Japanese blood in you? You have chinita eyes and you last name if Ong and if my hunch is right, you're half Chinese?
"Yes my last name is Ong. That's my handle name in a clever wordplay actually. I'm just a tiny bit Chinese though. hahaha!"

What do you do to let loose or destress?
"I often drink. My preference is whiskey. I'm also into anime, manga and video games."

Where do you usually hang out and drink?
"BGC or Quezon City area. Pobs is a fave too"

What anime characters are your favorites?
"All time fave is Full Metal Alchemist. I like the short and hot headed characters cause I can relate to them hahaha!"

haha! Ours' are Cowboy Bebop and Great Teacher Onizuka. What's the Weirdest thing you have done so far?
"I ate dirt once for the heck of it. hahaha! Hindi ako pilosopo pero lasa siyang dirt! hahaha! No other words to describe it."

haha! Have you gone to a public place not wearing your undies?
"Yes kasi malaki pwet ko and may mga dress ako na bumabakat kahit seamless. So I just go commando."

What are you passionate about aside from be a manager and being a host? Do you support a cause like saving the earth or feed the poor?
"I love animals especially dogs. I have 4 of my own and seeing strays hungry or injured with no shelter really breaks my heart. I donate money from time to time but I really wanna take it to the next level. Planning a feeding plan for those animals soon."

I'm sure the dogs will love you for feeding them. What article of clothing would define you?
"Hmmm... I think a nice formal blazer. Its so professional but you can also make it sexy. Like those photoshoots na blazer lang suot. hahaha!"

What part of your body would you consider you selling point?
"My butt cause we have a culture of bigger is better. But personally, I think its my face. My BF would also say so pero feeling ko secretly pwet din nasa puso niya. hahaha!"

Yeah! We agree. We have one of the sexiest butts a pretty face we have featured here in 9MM Blogzine.

What would a guy do to impress you?
"Honestly, I just like a nice sweet guy who is thoughtful. I like classic romantic gestures and yung gentleman . Super big deal sa akin like opening doors for me and others."

Joy Wilgin Ong, 9MM Blogzine is so grateful and thankful for giving us this opportunity to be our #MajorCrush! This page and a 9MM Salute is for you! Thanks again!


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