Gladys Dizon

VA Girl

Being a Virtual Assistant is basically like an online secretary. Clients from other countries hire a VA which is located somewhere in the world depending on the client's needs. It is one of the highest paying jobs that let you stay at home.

Our 9MM Blogzine #MajorCrush is a Virtual Assistant. But she is one hot and pretty VA. And we think it would be a great idea to have her featured here. She is...

Gladys Dizon

Called by her parents, Isyang, is 28 and very much single. She hails from General Santos City and usually a home body because of her job.

Can you tell us more about yourself.
"I like the outdoor activities such as mountain climbing. So whenever I have free time, I usually climb mountains. I also like scuba diving and jogging is my favorite pastime during weekdays.

Wow! That's cool! What do you do when you're not posting your gorgeous photos in social medias?
"I also like combat sports and I'm doing kickboxing and brazilian jiujitsu. I usually sleep hahaha! I usually spend my time riding my motorcycle going out for a mountain trail."

Great! Given your looks, what type of guys are you into?
"I like the outdoors tyoe of guys since I am a lakwatsera. Reason for this is so that we can hang out most of the time outside of our comfort zone. I am an old school type of girl so I'm into traditional gentleman. Dresses well, respectful, loyal and knows how to treat a lady."

Have you had any boyfriends in the past and how many?
"Ohh boyfriend?!? Serious or just flings? I had two serious relationships. But I have my flings to mention it here hahaha!"

Cool! So it would mean that you haven't asked a guy out?
"I haven't tried yet. Even though I really like that guy, its too awkward for me to ask first."

Well, if there's a will there's a way. Moving on... what do you do to let loose or destress?
"Sabi nila pag binato ka ng stress, batuhin mo ng Vacation Leave. hahaha! So I usually take a leave and climb mountains to destress. I've been to different summit already. Or if I'm a bit lazy, going to beach alone for a day or two would be fine.:

What's the wierdest thing you have ever done so far?
"Weirdest thing?!? Naughty or nice?

Naughty of course hahaha!
"hahaha! Bought a dildo in 2010. Haven't use it once. I guess its really weird. Maybe I'm just a bit curious. Planning to give it as a gift. hahaha!

hahaha! Have you done this naughty thing -- not wearing panties in a public place?
"Yes! but I'm wearing pants or shorts. hahaha! Its quite comfy, I guess.

Yup! Really comfy and fresh feeling too! hahaha! What are you passionate about?
"I usually do community service. Once or twice a year, we climb and hike some remote areas here in the Philippines to bring some food, clothing and school supplies."

What article of clothing would define you?
"It really depends on my mood. Most of my days, its shirts only. Plain and simple. Some days I want to be fabulous AF so I wear dress with leopard prints. hahaha!"

Cool! What part of your body would you consider your selling point?
"My lips. Its how I catch a soul on fire. hahaha! Angelina Jolie daw kasi."

We agree. Tell us what would a guy do to impress you?
"Hmmm... If they make me think that they like all the things I do or at least we have same thing in common. And a great personality would be the first prize."

To Gladys Dizon, thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity you gave us to be 9MM Blogzine #MajorCrush. This page is for you and a 9MM Salute! See you soon.

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