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Exclusive Forbidden Questions And Answers

I have been a fan of Mo Twister's podcasts especially Good Times With Mo. I have been listening to it that has been uploaded in YouTube. I love their episodes of the Forbidden Questions where the guests answer 40 questions and if they answered it all, they have the bragging rights to conquer such a challenge. 

Our #GOTM for May is a co host of that show and luckily we had the opportunity to interview her and ask her some forbidden questions ala Mo Twister. Here she is...


Angel Malit

Angel is a model, entrepreneur, host and a business woman among the other things she does. We were already stalking Angel ever since she was just starting her modelling career until she had her photos taken by a leading men''s magazine.

But for this page, we will ask her the Forbidden Questions. These are the same questions that Mo asks in his show... 

First question - How old were you when you lost your virginity? 
"17 yata. I forgot na haha!" 

haha! How old are you now? Is that a boyfriend or just out of curiosity?
"hahaha! 18. Boyfriend of course. Its like fourth year high school or 3rd." 

Cool! Have you cheated from a boyfriend? 
"Never! Baduy no? hahaha!" 

Wow! Maybe that's the reason your name is Angel because you are a good girl. 
"Mukha lang akong malandi pero for the record I never cheated. hahaha!" 

We know. How many one night stands have you had? 
There are many. If I don't have a boyfriend, I round up all the guys who likes me then I date them every night with a different guy. hahaha!" 

Wow! Do you have a boyfriend right now? 
"Nope. They come back. Nasasarapan. hahahaha!" 

Of course, who can resist Angel Malit. We thought we can be one of those guys... 
"It depends if you're generous."

Well, we heard that you are a 200K girl. We can't afford that.
"hahahaha! oh well then start saving." 

Have you had sex with someone famous? 
"hahaha! I knew that he was my boyfriend but we didn't last long." 

Actor or Politician? 
"I don't want to name drop because he has a girlfriend now and I think he is serious about her. I'm actually happy for them. One actor then the other is a son of a politician." 

Have you ever had sex non human? Like talong etc.? 
"Pucha hahaha! not yet. I pity myself if I had to have sex with a non living thing. Dildo lang."

How many dildos do you have? 
"Just one. It was a gift to by a friend. hahaha!" 

Have you ever been offered an indecent proposal? 

From whom? Actor? Producers? Politicians? or all walks of life? 
"All of the above! hahaha!" 

Angel Malit is lit! When was the last time you went to a public place without panties? 
"I think 2016. Most of the time I don't wear underwear. Mainit kasi." 

Are you brazillian down there? Or do you have some tiny pubes shaped as a heart? 
"Di kasi ako balbon eh hahahaha! so its shaved.


Which local male celebrity would make you horny when you see them in person? 
"Puta si JC De Vera! hahahaha! And si Piolo." 

Agree. But not with the latter. Everyone thinks Piolo is gay. 
"hahahaha! I heard but I don't mind. I eat raw hahahaha! and I like peppers (paminta)." 

But maybe he (Piolo) doesn't like it? 
"Well I have to force it. hahahah! 

hahaha! Moving on - is there a sextape of you out there in the universe? 
"Hmmm... None. I already deleted it. hahahaha!" 

hahaha! but FYI, its not really deleted. It stays there even though you deleted it. 
"That's the reason why I am not changing laptops. I don't want somebody to repair my laptop. It just stays here, unused." 

Which sex tape would you rather be in? any, either local or international? 
"hahaha! the boylet of Vicky. Hayden Kho sextape."

And that's how our interview happened. Angel needs to sleep since she have a flight early the next day. She was very pleasant and very accommodating during our chat.

Thank you so much Angel Malit for the opportunity to chat with you and for you to be featured in 9MM Blogzine as #GOTM. This page is for you and of course, a 9MM Salute. Hopefully, we can still chat and I will be ready with my 200K soon. hahaha! 


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