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Fil - Jap Sensation

We have featured many Japanese - Filipina here in 9MM Blogzine. Like Iwa Moto, who is a mother already.

But our featured #MajorCrush will be one of the youngest of Fil-Jap that we will be featured here. and without further things to do, here she is...

Rina Ando

Rina, 25, was born in Japan but raised in the Philippines. She was a cheerleader in high school up to college. Currently, she is now living and working in Japan.

Cool! So you speak Nihonngo and Filipino at the same time?
"A little lang po sa Nihonggo haha! Mag 3 years pa lang ako dito sa Japan simula po ng bumalik ako dito. I just started taking up Nihonggo class last July 2018."

Okay. What do you do when you're not posting your gorgeous photos in social media?
"Hahahaha! I work 5 times a week haha! So my everyday routine is just work, eat and sleep. During my rest days, I just stay home watching movies. I sometimes draw but it depends on my mood."

What do you draw? If you look at my personal account, I sketch too.
"Awww that's cool. Well I love Anime. I'm trying to draw some portraits too. But my drawing depends on my mood."

Let's move on to the next question. Given your looks, what type of guys are you into?
"Those who can make me laugh and those who can accept my weirdness. Looks is just a plus point. And of course, guys who knows how to make efforts just to make me smile. You don't need to make big efforts to make me happy. Sobrand babaw po kasi ng kaligayahan ko haha. You can just give me a letter using a scratch paper or a tissue but that can brighten my day."

Are you in a relationship right now? Have you ever asked a guy out?
"Single. haha! Yes! hahahaha! makapal po mukha ko eh. I asked a guy out even though I'm a girl.

hahaha! That's cool!
"I'm a straightforward person kasi hahaha! If I like you, I will tell you right away."

Sige nga, how would you ask me out given the fact that you like me.
"For example, dun sa guy na gusto ko, I went to his work just to eat lunch with him haha! And I waited hanggang mag out siya sa work para lang makasama pa siya. hahahaha!"

Nice! What do you do to let loose or destress?
"Hmmm, I stay away from social media hahaha! I sometimes go out alone and sit on a park and just watch people do their things. Or sometimes i eat alone in a coffee shop then make friends with the staffs or customers. It's a great feeling making friends from unexpected people. You'll learn from them in so many ways."

What's the weirdest thing you have done so far?
"I do have a lot hahaha! I already tried sleeping on the street but I'm not drunk that time. I also asked the customer next to our table if their order is delicious then asked if I can taste it."

hahaha! Nice! What are you passionate about? Do you have a cause that you support like save the earth or feed the poor?
"Hmm. This is a hard one hahaha! Considered ba ang ukay ukay clothes? hahaha! Street clothes I guess?"

That would work. You may be an RTW person. What part of your body would you consider your selling point?
"My shoulders. hahaha!"

Why your shoulders?
"Macho. hahahaha!

Di naman. Sexy nga eh. Anyway, what would a guy do to impress you?
"Hmmm, I guess being consistent. Kasi sa mga previous relationships ko, never ako nagkaroon ng BF na gusto ko agad sa simula. hahaha! Laging hindi ko gusto yung tao. So madalas nirereject ko. Then nafa fall na lang ako because of continuous effort talaga and being consistent kahit nirereject ko na. hahaha!"

Miss Rina Ando, thank you so much for this opportunity to be 9MM Blogzine's #MajorCrush. You deserve the 9MM Salute and this page is for you. Thanks again!


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