Ricca Perez

Fil - Aussie Crush 

There are many Fil Aussie that has been scattered all over the internet. For the most popular in the Philippines, is the actress and  9MM Girl Anne Curtis. We also featured #MajorCrush Zia Rae and now we will again feature another one from the land down under.

She has stayed in Australia for quite some time but she lived in Cebu for quite some time and now she's 26 and hot, so we will feature her as our #MajorCrush. Here she is...

Ricca Perez

Tell us more about yourself. Have you always been modelling?
"Ever since I was young, I've always had a thing for performing arts, modeling and even fashion. I started getting into modeling and pageants in my early teens. Then I have been doing stuff on and off throughout the years.

At what age did you start modeling?

What do you do when you're not modeling or posting your gorgeous photos on social medias?
"Usually, I frequently go to the gym. I love to stay in shape and take care of my body. So whenever I have time, I do classes or go for long walks."

Given your looks, what type of guys are you into?
"Tall, athletic, tan, fit guys haha! I like guys who can dress up and take care of himself. I think there is nothing sexier than a guy who can show up to any event or place and own it because he's looking and feeling his best."

Are you in a relationship right now? Have you ever asked a guy out?
"Not really in a relationship at the moment but currently talking to someone. Hmm, maybe indirectly. Haha like out in dates but just to hang or something. Then we should've started dating I guess. haha! You got me on that one though"

haha! Apologies. But hey, if you fell and think that he is the one, why not give him a chance?
"hahaha! I don't think that I found the ONE yet. But I'm not in a hurry. So it's all good."

Anyway, let's move on to the next question... What do you do to let loose or destress?
"First, I sleep in haha for as long as I can. Catching up on rest is vital to me. Then watch good movies perhaps. Or chill with friends or probably grab a drink or wine."

What's the naughtiest thing you have done so far?
"Define naughty."

Like, if you gone in public without your undies... or prank a friend... something like that. I should change the word naughty to crazy in this question next time. hahaha!
"Craziest thing I've ever done? Probably when I was younger, with my friends, we used to prank random people at the malls. Pretend to know them, call people or tap them on their shoulders. Isn't super crazy really but we kept on laughing. Love pranks as well. I'd always hide in closet or like places to sneak up on mates of mine. Its the best because they're such scaredy cats."

What are you passionate about aside from being a model? Do you have like a cause that you do like save the earth or feed the poor?
"I know it sounds cliche but I'm passionate about animal cruelty and feeding and educating the poor. I may not be a vegan but I care about what's happening to the world and how they treat animals. Also, I try to help out whenever they have feeding programs or outreaches. I believe no one deserves to be hungry and its beautiful that there are some people in the world that do care about these things."

What article of clothing would define you?
"I guess a good tube or crop top. I love being comfortable and it's usually hot so that would be such a staple for me to have. Then just accessorize to add style."

Brilliant! What part of your body do you consider your selling point?
"Every part of my body is my selling point really but mainly my eyes and lips. haha! Happy with what God blessed me with and will always try to make it work."

That would be obvious. You are one of the girls that we have interviewed that has such pretty eyes and nice lips.
"Really? Thank you that's so sweet."

What would a guy do to impress you?
"Just be himself. I'm impressed when guys are kind, real and open. If a guy can take me out to nice dinners or fancy dates, that is nice. But if he's rude or a mean person, then I'd definitely not impressed by anything. A good character is impressive."

Thank you so much, Ricca Perez for this great opportunity to be featured as one of 9MM Blogzine's #MajorCrush. This page is for you and a 9MM Salute!


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