Carla Piscoso

Influencer Princess

Consumers usually get attracted to buy the product when it is endorsed by a model or celebrity in print ad and TV commercials. This is how companies market their product but it is costly.

In the world of social media, users are influenced by an influencer or brand ambassadors for them to buy the product. This marketing strategy is low cost since it is being represented by social media models and other internet sensations.

Our #MajorCrush might be born to be an influencer. She is not only can influence her followers but 9MM Blogzine also. Here she is...

Carla Piscoso

Carla is a fitness professional and a content creator plus a model on the side. She also works as an event organizer and a fitness trainer as her day job. Carla works out and love to travel to let herself loose.

She is also in a relationship and a guy should have a good sense of humor, conversationalist and shares the same interest with her. When asked if she ever asked a guy out, Carla said yes!

What are you passionate about?
"Fitness and travelling."

What article of clothing would define you?
"Sportswear and swimwear."

What part of your body is your selling point?
"My face."

We agree on that. You have one of the sweetest smile and face we have featured in 9MM.
"Awww. Thank you!"

What is the wierdest thing you have done so far?
"Just recently, we checked in and stayed in the wrong Airbnb in Osaka. Trespassing! hahaha"

To Carla Piscoso, thanks for the opportunity to have you featured here in 9MM Blogzine as one of our #MajorCrush. This page and a 9MM Salute is for you!


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