Zia Rae

From The Land Down Under

Have you watched when 9MM Girl Pia Wurtzbach won Miss Universe? Did you ever felt the same way when another contestant won then after some time the judges told you that you are the real winner? 

It happened to our #MajorCrush. Just like our Miss Universe, she was approached by the judges and told her that she won the title and not as a second runner up. Who would think that she was the real winner?

But let's not discuss it anymore. We are glad to feature her here in 9MM Blogzine. Here she is...

Zia Rae

Born in Angeles, Pampanga, Zia migrated to Australia and grew up there. She came back to the Philippines to study and take her degree. She took Journalism and Tourism then decided to take Culinary Arts instead.

Zia loves pageants. She was scouted by a judge for a bikini open - Pampanga's Sexiest 2012. She won second runner up but on the scorecards she should be the title holder. The judges need to explain it to her.

After getting a taste of the industry, Zia was offered several tasks in the local pageants. She did tasks of being a judge, as a choreographer and director of some pageants and bikini opens in her place.

When she came back to Australia, Zia continued modelling for cars and Instagram apparels. She also sold T-shirts that are available worldwide. But all of this was left behind.

Zia already focuses her time to her work and partner. She loves to hike, play video games, watching anime and workout. All her activities always involves her partner that she considers as her rock and her future.

We cannot blame Zia to be dedicated to her partner. After all, she is one hot girl. And I cannot argue since she won pageants. She has lovely eyes, nice smile and a body to die for. 

9MM Blogzine is truly honored to have this opportunity with Zia Rae. A true blooded Filipina and our #MajorCrush. A 9MM Salute and this page is for you.

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