Risa Aoki

Femme Fatale

9MM Blogzine has been on the internet for several years. Ten years to be exact and it has featured several females that made it to the 9MM Girls category. It went its ups and downs, zigzag, rough and bumpy rides. But still, 9MM Blogzine is still here. And will be here as long as you are there supporting us.

One of the goals of 9MM Blogzine is to interview and have exclusive photos of its featured 9MM Girls. We often and most of the time, we feature Filipina celebrities here. But when it was being active in social media, got a private message and asking if we can feature her in our blog. When we checked her profile... lo and behold. We literally said "What the f*ck!?!?!" She is a famous model of a men's magazine.

There is really a GOD that grants wishes... we thanked Him big time!

Risa Aoki

Risa Aoki or Riri is a blogger, model, stage actress and mixed martial artist. She came from a Filipino and Japanese descent and was a model in a leading men's magazine in the Philippines last April 2018.

Have you always been modelling or acting?
"I used to be  a member of the youth bowling team way back in high school up to college. I met Nina Villanueva and asked me to join her in one of her castings. After that, I got a call the next day to do modelling. I was so happy and my interest shifted to modelling. It was an on and off since I was still in school. Acting happened two years ago because I wanted to improve my commercial VTRs. I eventually enrolled in Star Magic and PETA to improve and get more projects like international and school films and the theater arts. "

What do you do when you are not modelling or posting your gorgeous photos in social medias?
"I train Mixed Martial Arts with my trainer, Carlo Laurel. I was gonna fight last year but I got injured and now slowly training up again. I also take long travels and long road trips."

MMA? You must be a Femme Fatale?
"Hmmm haha! I don't know how to react to that but I guess I'm a fighter but also a lover. haha!"

Since you said you are a lover and given your awesome looks, what type of guys are you in to?
"Hmmm.. I like guys that are smart, funny, decent bad boy look but really a good boy haha! AND LOYAL!"

More like a combo of John Lloyd and Robin Padilla?
"Wag naman Robin Padilla. Pwede Daniel but older. But I already found that someone so my heart is happy."

Have you asked a guy out?
"Yes. And he is my boyfriend right now. I was so drunk at one point and he was sitting on the sofa. I was gonna go to the toilet and and fell on him. We looked at each other and said hi."

So you literally fell for him? Cool! have you ever gone in public with no undies?

What's the naughtiest thing you have done so far?
"I made an escort cry by accident."

What are you passionate about?
"Yes of course. My boyfriend being part owner of Miss Earth has taught me a lot. How to preserve the environment and a lot more. Right now I'm engaged with under privileged regularly."

What article of clothing would define you?
"Sport shoes because it has to be updated all the time, comfortable and ready for any environment."

What part part of your body would you consider your selling point?
"My eyes." (we definitely agree!)

What would a guy do to impress you?
"Better have a good sense of humor to catch my attention."

Thank you so much for this opportunity Riri. We don't know how to thank you but we want you to be in one of our event that will happen soon. You're already a 9MM Girl  as a #GirlOfTheMonth. A 9MM Salute is for you!

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