Nadine Lustre

Hotness Overload

We have to feature new faces and hotness for the new year. And we will start it with a bang!

Since we haven't been lucky with asking for interviews from some of the hottest models in the country, we'll be featuring some celebrities that, in a long shot, that we cannot interview. And we will start with the one of the most prettiest faces and hot body in showbiz. Here she is...

Nadine Lustre

An actress and vocalist, Nadine got her break when she starred and got the lead role in the hit movie "Diary Ng Panget". She also been the vocalist of the all female group Pop Girls. She also starred in television series, "On The Wings Of Love" and "Till I Met You" opposite her real life boyfriend James Reid.

Nadine can act and sing as well as having an almost perfect physical attributes. Her eyes are very sparkling and very pretty. Her face is like the ones you see in anime, where every girl is beautiful with those big eyes. Expressive eyes that you cannot stare for one second because it will melt you down.

You also cannot deny the body of Nadine Lustre. She has kayumanggi complexion which is very Pinay. Her body features just almost perfect. Not too much of everything. Well, that's the reason why netizens scoured over her beach photos, including us, just to see a glimpse of her glorious body.

With Nadine's talents, I don't have any questions about it. She can carry herself and go beyond expectations.

To Nadine Lustre, you deserve a page in 9MM Blogzine. You rock! A 9MM Salute is given to you for your talent and beauty you are sharing us.


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