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I started watching movies since it has been made for home viewing in Betamax format. We used to rent some tapes for a few pesos and have it watched at home comfortably.

My father liked action movies way back and he might have been the one that introduced me to our #Icon. He was one of the Hollywood actors that I follow and admire. Here he is...

Mel Gibson

When I was a kid, I used to watch him in the Lethal Weapon sequels. With their tandem with Danny Glover, it was an action packed with a twist of humor that was very entertaining to watch.

But the movie that got me more interested in Mel Gibson is when I watched Braveheart. I liked his character there where he doesn't show his strength until its needed. A trait that I was able to learn and apply to my work and life.

Aside from the Lethal Weapon movies,  I also liked other Mel Gibson's films like "What Women Want", "The Patriot", "Ransom" and others. Obviously, he is my one of my favorite actor.

Asife from that, Mel Gibson is also not afraid to go outside the norm. When he directed the movie "Passion Of The Christ" and "Apocalypto", I was awed that he can also create movies that are strongly not for the weak of heart.

Mel Gibson has this husky voice, crazy attitude but a good gentleman that I admire about him. He's very flexible in terms of roles that he plays.

A 9MM Salute to Mel Gibson as one of my mentors in life. His movies made me what I am. He is truly an #Icon.

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