Reviving Pinoy Rock

For 9MM Blogzine, only a few bands were able to survive the music scene before it boomed in the 90's. Like The Jerks for example, they managed to stay in the rock scene for several decades.

Its because of the attitude that they impart to their audience . Aside of course from the music that they are providing, they also influenced listeners with their own "astig" attitude.

And this article pays homage to a classic band that had both when they had the limelight. Up until now, their music still lingers to us like timeless classic.


Composed of Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan, this quartet made Pinoy Rock alive again in the 90s. They started the revolution of alternative music with their unique style of music.

I recalled that I went on purchasing my cassette copy of their first album, Ultraelectromagneticpop, and it was amazing. I was able to catch their already melodic songs easily. They were the king at that moment.

They influenced me to play the guitar. I was able to learn several songs by them because its easy to play and very good to listen to. Not that I was trying to impress the girls then but I love to play their songs.

I was able to watch one of their gigs near my place but the audience wanted heavy stuffs. So the band heard boos from the audience plus some flying objects thrown at them.

But those same audience were the same people that went to their reunion concert, played their songs and boasted that they were avid fan of the Eraserheads.

For me, Eraserheads is the The Beatles reincarnated. In Pinoy Rock. They were able to bridge the gap of pop and rock in the OPM music scene. A true Pinoy music icon that deserves a salute from 9MM Blogzine.


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