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Howdy Cowgirl

A koboy is a male that has no inhibitions and sophistication dwelling in his body. He can eat anywhere even with no plate or utensils. He can party everywhere and he can go travelling for days. Its an attitude developed by men that were built strong by the circumstances in their own lives.

And 9MM Blogzine's #MajorCrush features the female counterpart of the koboy. According to her she can do any thing that men can do plus more. Let's meet her...

Ane G.

Ane, 28, is from Aparri, Cagayan. But she is in Manila for training and seminars with the business she wants to start off. She admits that she is a multi tasking girl that can do cooking while baking and preparing. She can also work fast and make sure the job is done before going to the next.

Tell us something unique about yourself?
"Hmm, I don't know. Maybe since I'm from the province, I am not selective when it comes to food and places. But just don't let me go to dirty toilet. haha!"

So you're a cowgirl?
"I don't have any finicky attitude and I also like to walk around bare footed. I hangout more with boys because there is less stress and issues. But only with the boys I know. If I already knew the boys are perverts, I don't come with them."

Are you in a relationship right now?
"Yes. We're together and happily in love for almost a year. He's very understanding and trustworthy. I can go out with his friends without him as long as I tell it to him. He is very responsible with their business. He is so different from the normal boys and I was challenged by him."

Do you like snobbish men?
"Yup! I like snobbish men. My boyfriend is snob to other girls when we are together. His eyes are always locked on me."

What do you do when you're not being hot and gorgeous?
"I was a Sales and Marketing Manager but I left there already. I am no longer happy to just be an employee my entire life and other will benefit from my work. Right now, I'm undergoing training and marketing strategies to run my franchise."

Do you have Chinese blood running in you?
"No. I'm a pure Filipina. Sometimes when we go out of town, people always thought that we were Koreans. hahaha!"

What things irritates you or blow your hat off?
"Fake people. I hate those people that they are good to you when you are around but stabs you in the back. And also those people who brings you down and make fake stories about me. I hate those kinds of people."

Have you ever gone in public without panties?
"Not yet."

What are the special skills you can share with us?
"I pee everywhere when I feel it. I always have wipes with me so its not that really hard for me. I don't know if that's a special skill. I also fix things and be a carpenter. And I can climb a coconut tree."

Wow! That's amazing!
"Yeah! I love Buko Juice. We have lots of coconut trees in the province so when I want it, I just climb the tree and grab the fruit myself."

Indeed, The cowgirl attitude that resides within Ane G is perfectly within her. Thank you so much for making this opportunity a reality. #MajorCrush Ane G is now certified 9MM Blogzine Girl.

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